5D Ascension


Over the last few years, there has been much energy change on Earth allowing us to adapt to the new spiritual realm that we are living in. Included in this change is diverting from the state of mind of living in the 3rd dimension (which is associated with the 3rd chakra representing structure and rules) to the 5th dimension (which is associated with the 5th chakra representing our heart).

It takes a lot of healing to get to a space of love and learning to make decisions that come directly from our heart. I have heard a lot of people say that “but when I act from my heart space I get hurt” and that may be true BUT what comes from your heart is also TRUTH.

Living in the 5th dimension involves being true to you, true to who you are soulfully, teaching others to be truthful and in alignment with who they are meant to become and it’s also about holding others accountable and responsible for their actions and words. So yes, living out of your heart space is difficult but necessary to move the collective consciousness forward.

Choosing to live from love rather than negativity will get you hurt at times because the message that you have to give to others, some will not yet be ready for it.

And that’s ok!

Everyone is waking up in their own time, it is your mission to meet others where they are at and just keep walking. Those that are meant for you will walk with you. The others will join you when they are ready, but just know some will never be ready or may take time or lifetimes to awake. Free will gives you the choice to do what you feel is right for you.


Evolve to the 5th dimension by living from your heart space.

In love and light 💕

Tarot Deck Credit: 5D Ascension Tarot Deck coming 2020 💕