Well hello, there beautiful!

My name is Dani’el Norman and I am an energy worker, Intuitive, Crystal Enthusiast, writer, Light Warrior, spiritual and affirmation junkie, mindful meditator, gym buff, yoga lover, lover, and mother.

My main focus in life is helping my family, friends and those that I attract into my life with their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. I am very drawn to the spiritual reasoning in everything that we do and say in our lives. In everything that our souls go through, there is always a lesson to be learned. Our goal is to figure that out and become the greatest version of ourselves than we were yesterday.

My spiritual path is one that is both sacred to me and one that I am proud of.

I moved back from Australia to Canada with my eldest son in October of 2002, which I could also say, would be the start of what I consider my spiritual enlightenment into adulthood.

Backtrack a little: In 2001 my mom found out that she had cancer, my grandmother had passed away and my mom bought every book that she could get her hands on to begin living a life of positivity and healing (and basically trying to figure out where her mother had actually gone after she passed.) In 2004 my mom bought us each a book titled “ Angel Medicine” by Doreen Virtue. I was hooked. What more could I learn?

In 2005 to 2008 my mom and I attended spiritual classes once a week together where we learned all about energy work, tarot and oracle cards, meditation, intuition, calling in our guides and speaking to our higher selves. Those classes will always be what I consider my Spirituality 101 classes.

The universe listened to my souls cries to learn even more. I still remember where I was and what I was doing when I asked the universe to provide me a deeper understanding and knowing of who I actually was.

Some may not understand this but the following relationship that I would endure, which began in 2005, would be the most painful, emotionally and physically abusive (but enlightening) relationship I have had. It was the worst relationship that I put myself through… yet it was the relationship that revealed to me who I was, the strength that I possessed, the obstacles that I had to go through in order to come out knowing what I would put up with and what I would not. It would truly be an enlightening time in my life for the person that went into that relationship is defiantly not the person who came out. In 2011 I finally had the strength to leave this relationship and from then on it has been years of healing from that trauma.

Throughout those years my mom was my spiritual teacher and best friend. If it were not for her I would not be where I am today. She gives me the strength to be my greatest version of myself and will always be the strongest women I have ever meet. She passed away on April 9, 2017. I would say that she passed away from her cancer enemy “Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma” but she didn’t.

She beat it.

In 2001 the doctors gave her 2-5 years to live. She proved to herself and to her family and friends that we are all our own ships master and she cracked the code. She lived for another 16 years and while in the hospital in January 2017 doctors confirmed that she no longer had “non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.” But it was revealed instead that she now had Leukemia. It was in the Ottawa hospital that she contracted a virus that would actually be the culprit to taking her life as she no longer had an immune system and had no more energy to fight for her life. She passed away in Pembroke, Ontario on April 9 with her family by her side.

My mother graduated Life leaving this physical plain and is now happily gardening (and most likely telling other souls just what she thinks with her strong tongue) in the cosmic universe.

On April 9, 2018, I created this website as a dedication to her spirit, her strength and to continue to channel her knowledge through to this physical world.

I feel my mother on a daily basis and I know that she is guiding me in a way that she never could in her physical body. Together she and I will continue to work together, only now I have a bonus. She is on the other side.

It is through this website that I hope to motivate, enlighten, inspire and add knowledge as your soul awakens to the new cosmic shift in consciousness.

Much love,




My Holistic and Cosmic bio:


Social Service Worker Diploma with honours: May 2008

Neurofeedback Certification: July 2011

Reiki Level 1: July 2012

Reiki Level 2: June 2016

200HR Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certification: February 2017

Reiki Level 3: March 2017

Reiki Masters Level: June 2017

Equine Reiki & Beyond Certification: June 2017

Unity Field Healing Certification: DNA Activation June 2018

Biddy Tarot: Master the Tarot Card Meanings Certificate: April 2019

Biddy Tarot: Read the Tarot with Confidence Certificate -January 2020

Biddy Tarot Certification Program- Graduated February 2020

Created & Self Published  the Ascension Tarot deck 2020

Created & Self Published Odin’s Playbook: A Norse Tarot Tale Tarot deck 2021

Created &  Self Published the Walking Meditation Tarot deck and Pocketbook to Walking Meditation 2022

Created & Self Published Astral Mermaid Tarot deck 2023