Amazonite Meaning & Healing Properties


Amazonite is an extremely soothing stone, very calming not only in your physical presence but also to look at. Blue Green in color gives you thoughts of the ocean and mystical playfulness.

This stone balances the yin and yang or the masculine or feminine energies allowing you to see both sides of an issue or situation you are faced with.

Amazonite helps to soothe emotional trauma and stress dissipating worry and fear that surrounds it. Negative energy falls away when you are in the presence of this stone. It also has a strong filter which provides you with protection from geopathic stress, electromagnetic pollution, and cell phone smog. Your intuition is heightened allowing clarity to pass through.

Amazonite helps to open the third eye or brow chakra initiating higher intuition. A great heart chakra and throat chakra opener as well.

Known as the hope stone this stone will help you to manifest your dreams no matter how crazy you may think they are. This stone takes away the feeling of judgment from others as well as yourself so that you can move to your highest level of you.

What did you come here to earth to do? Amazonite will help you get there.