Ascension Tarot Daily Reading for January 18, 2021

You have many gifts within you and if you are not sharing them then you are doing a disservice to both yourself and to those around you.

There is no one else quite like you.

Do you feel like you are caught between having your head in the clouds and a down to earth nature of living?

Commitments can still be fulfilling & Sexy, even with structure.

Share who you are with others. Show them the love and dreams that you possess. Show them how far they too can reach with their own abilities. ?

When you shine your own light, you give others permission to shine too ?

Be yourself ?

? Tarot and Oracle deck Credits:

Knight of Cups: Ascension Tarot Deck by Dani’el Norman @ascension_tarot

Queen of Crystals: The Starchild Tarot by Danielle Noel @starchildtarot

Whale and Orca Elders: The Starseed Oracle by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel @rebeccacampbell_author &

Queen of Crystals from Ascension Tarot Deck

Queen of Crystals– Practical and down to Earth, you are the ultimate working mother. You have created a life for yourself and your family where you balance your responsibilities, home life, and work. You are independent within a dependant unit. You know the true value of family, financial stability, and your spiritual connection to the outer realms of the Universe. Your energy is magnetic, drawing others into your light to gain from your inner wisdom, support, and unconditional love.

Reversed– Family is important to you, but at the moment you are not feeling grounded. You may be putting more time and energy into your work rather than your heart space and family. Seek to clear out energetic blockages and ideas that are rooted in material attachments. Get back to what you value the most.

Knight of Cups– Dig deep and explore your feelings. Not only do you wear your heart on your sleeve, but you are also in love with love itself. Sometimes living with your head in the clouds you must be conscious of keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground. Create balance in order to see clearly what your heart space is helping you to see and feel. Your imagination and dreams that you are being presented with within Dreamtime are giving you the answers that you seek. Your inspiration stems from creativity and love all around you. You are in touch with your intuition, visions, and emotions.

Reversed– By allowing your emotions to get the better of you, you may fall down the rabbit hole of self-unawareness, moodiness, jealousy, and the like. Are you jumping to conclusions without all the facts? By jumping into situations with rose-colored glasses and without thinking things through you are putting yourself in situations that may make you uncomfortable in the long run. You may be living in fantasyland seeing only what you want to see and neglecting to see the truth of the situation or person. Your head is too much in the clouds and your feet are not grounded into the earth. Seek to create balance and greater clarity.

Knight of Cups from Ascension Tarot Deck