Ascension Tarot Daily Reading for January 21, 2021

What a beautiful reading for today.

Celebration of success for following your inner voices. Loving yourself where you are at but striving towards your greatest and brightest self.

Anxiety appears when you push yourself before you are ready. If you can consistently stay present in your mind, take everything one moment, one step at a time success in many forms will appear in your life.

Take the time to celebrate your wins, spend time with those that help to raise your vibrations, utilize the lessons that you have learned in the past ( ones where you failed but got back up again) and see that you are a work in progress every day. You are already whole but have the ability to become a better version of yourself each day.

Be present. Meet yourself where you are at. ???

Tarot Deck and Oracle Deck Credits:

Ascension Tarot Deck @ascension_tarot by Dani’el Norman @dani_elnorman

Beyond Lemuria Oracle Deck by Izzy Ivy @izzy_ivy_art