Ascension Tarot Daily Reading January 15, 2021

What if the answer was Gratitude? 🙏
What if the simple act of Gratitude could change your perspective?
This week marks a time of great change in your energy field. Heightened emotions, intensified actions.
It is way too easy to walk away than to stand in those emotions, feel through them, question them, and look for answers. It’s why so many relationships and friendships die. For some, it becomes too much “work”.
When there is too much fear to look within yourself for the real underlying answers to the heightened emotions, you build walls up. The only person that can take down those walls are you. 💕
It starts with gratitude. 🙏
Gratitude instead of a Well of Sorrow and feeling like the victim at each turning corner or path.
Each lesson has a victory. Find that victory, find that positive portion and you will find greater Peace ✌🏻💝
Gratitude is a gift you give yourself.
How to write a Gratitude List 
5 of Wands-You are going through and experiencing a time of transition and ascension. Inner turmoil has put you in the position of conflicting ideas and situations. You may feel trapped by the conflict and fighting that surrounds you and within you. You are feeling the anxiety and confusing energy that may or may not be about you. Which way do you go? Your world feels like it has turned upside down, but really the world has placed you where your eyes will be forced to look wide open and your ears made to gain patience. If you can no longer take the overwhelm that goes along with the heavy energy, remove yourself for a time out, or all together.

6 of Swords– In order to attain a greater state of mind and understanding you are being asked to let go and move forward. This may mean leaving a person, place or way of thinking. Fear of the unknown is keeping you from moving ahead. Your guides would never steer you in the wrong direction. They want you to know that to ascend into your higher state of being you are to transition into the next phase. As you take the plunge into the unknown, healing will occur and you will be rewarded for trusting in the universe.

Reversed– Fear has you resisting to create a transition in your life. You know in your heart that you need to move forward but the fear of the future is too great. You are frozen in time. You are feeling held back by thoughts, people, and past unconscious programming. Take the time to get energy healing done and cut all cords and soul contracts that are keeping you from moving forward. You are carrying baggage that is no longer serving your highest good at this point in time. Remove all obstacles and sail forward.