Ascension Tarot Deck Daily Reading January 14, 2021

Ascension Tarot Deck

? The stress you are feeling, the fighting that is occurring, the mindset clash that you are experiencing is bringing you into a higher level of existence.

Continue to believe in yourself, continue to believe in those around you.
Feel compassion and unconditional love for yourself and those that are walking this path with you.
Growth is happening.
Learn to communicate in a different way, see the views of others rather than just your own.
See the other side of the coin.
Together, without judgment, we find peace and unity ?
Tarot Deck Credit: Ascension Tarot Deck

5 of Wands-You are going through and experiencing a time of transition and ascension. Inner turmoil has put you in the position of conflicting ideas and situations. You may feel trapped by the conflict and fighting that surrounds you and within you. You are feeling the anxiety and confusing energy that may or may not be about you. Which way do you go? Your world feels like it has turned upside down, but really the world has placed you where your eyes will be forced to look wide open and your ears made to gain patience. If you can no longer take the overwhelm that goes along with the heavy energy, remove yourself for a time out, or all together.

7 of Crystals- Your mindset has shifted and you now recognize that anything worth growing takes time and patience. You are prepared to put your time and energy into yourself now to reap the gains later down the road. Stability is built on a strong effort and desire to create foundations that are long-lasting. Take a time out and show gratitude for all that you have been blessed with.

Key 5: The Teacher. Whether the Teacher be of Earth or in other realms of existence, you are being called to work with a teacher, a mentor, a guide, an ancestor, or a guiding authority. Be open to a new way of being and seeing the world around you. Not only are you ready to see with new eyes, but also your soul is preparing to ascend to a new level of consciousness. Get ready to expand, learn, and ignite. When the student is ready to expand, the teacher will appear. What are you being drawn to learn? For more info on what this year 2021 has to offer read about the Year of the Hierophant