Ascension Tarot Deck Daily Reading January 16, 2021

If you continue to explore.
If you continue to ask questions.
If you continue to want to learn at every moment, Transcendence WILL occur.
Dedicate your time to learning more about yourself and how to master “you” and you will find that the situations that you thought to be tough will become easier.
Master yourself and you will have completed a cycle, and learned a Major Life Lesson.
Ask questions, figure out you and you will transcend into a higher version of self.
Take advantage of those that are there to mirror back to you the things that you need to address within yourself.
I promise you, the RIGHT people are in front of you to do so.
The best people to help with your Transcendence are always right in front of you, no matter how hard the relationship seems.
It really is “all positive” even when it seems impossible ???
Tarot deck credit: Ascension Tarot @ascension_tarot on Instagram ??

Key 21: Transcendence Give yourself a huge hug and smile out into the world. You have just completed a cycle; transformation and life lessons have been learned and fully implemented into your life. One door is closing and a new cycle of learning is emerging. Take the time to celebrate your success. Know that whatever you learned and completed in this cycle may come up again as a test in your next cycle.

Reversed: Tie up all loose ends, do not start or begin anything new. Wrap up all that is needed so that you can move on and close up this cycle. If you are feeling drained from this energy, seek an energy healer to help clear away and cut the cords needed to finish this part of your life. The story must end somewhere and you have the choice right now to finish it.

King of Cups– Your heart and head are fully aligned with one another allowing you to feel clear and unattached to the emotional aspect in all situations. Very intuitive, you are able to read others without knowing all the details. You are nonjudgmental and come from a heart space of unconditional love and awareness. You are wise, attracting others into your life that seek to gain your wisdom and advice. You crave harmony, peace, and internal alignment with those around you. You are a true master of both your inner and outer world of existence. You are always ready and willing to help others on their spiritual journey. You are a beautiful beam of love and light.

Reversed- You are clouded by your inner emotions, distracting you from being able to make decisions based on reality. Ungrounded, you can be controlling, abusive, and manipulative. Beware of escaping real life through drugs, alcohol, and addictive behavior. Beware of your vindictive behavior to get what you want. When things do not go your way, how do you handle situations? Beware of punishing others while you yourself are in pain. Address the deep-rooted trauma that causes you to be spiteful and revengeful when times get tough. It is time to heal.

Page of Swords– You learn through social settings and by asking a lot of questions. You invest time and energy into learning more and more. You are a truth seeker, holding truth to a high degree. You know which questions to ask to get straight to the point. A favorite question of the Page of Swords is “WHY”. You love to communicate. With a thirst for knowledge, you can never have enough information attained within you. You are ready to take all this information and share it with the world!

Reversed: You may be afraid to speak your truth at the moment and so you are keeping things inside. You already have all the information that you need to communicate. Make sure to think things through thoroughly and accurately. Plan and do one thing at a time. Make promises that you know that you can keep. Be aware of presenting yourself as a know-it-all. Sometimes less talk and more listening are what is needed at the moment to gain more accurate information.

A funny meme that goes along with this reading that a friend sent to me