Ascension Tarot Update:
My heart is so full! And yes I am excited 😍
I just heard from my printer that Ascension Tarot is now completely printed and will be shipped to me tomorrow πŸ’—
They stated that shipping due to COVID will take 30-50 days. I should be receiving this by the beginning of December to mid-December.
I will keep everyone updated that has purchased this in the pre-sale.
If you would still like a copy here is the pre-sale link. Ascension Tarot Deck .
This will be active until I receive them. After that, I will change the link to a permanent link until the deck is sold out.
Local pick up in the Renfrew County area is available. Shipping is also available πŸ’—πŸ™πŸ’—
Thank you to everyone for their love and support through this entire process, I am grateful to you 🀍