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New Tarot Deck December 2020: Ascension Tarot

? Creative new project!

I am so excited to bring this project to fruition. What started out as just words uttered from my mouth (I’m going to make my own Tarot deck!….as I laughed) to a deck full of innate energy and manifestation.  It’s so incredible what the Universe will do for you when your ideas are in complete alignment with what is totally meant for you! 🙂

About me
In 2017, following a Unity Feild Healing (Dr. John Ryan) activation I began a complete 180 in the spiritual path of my life. I have been on an ascension journey since about 2011 but things in my life got totally shook up after my mother passing and receiving my DNA activation. I completely woke up and began remembering past lives, the energy of my galactic family, my Lemurian history and heritage, my Avalonian ancestry, and my innate knowledge of the use of Crystals and Numerology. I have always been into Tarot, Oracle cards, and energy healing but I just got pushed into a whole other level of being. 
The Ascension process is definitely a process and a full body, mind, and soul integration of information waking you up in your 3d meat suit. It is a very confusing time because you think that you are learning new things (when in a sense you are) BUT it is really just you REMEMBERING who you are and tapping into the soul knowledge that you have been accumulating for thousands of years.  
I felt a huge push and many whispers during the day, (even waking me up at night) to create this deck for you. I have never done anything like this. When I first heard the idea to do this deck I knew that I could write the book, but to design the cards? No way! So I asked a couple of friends that were artists if they would create the deck, and I write the book. I soon realized that that was NOT what my guides had in mind. They wanted me to do both! This created a huge fear in me. I had not drawn or painted in a long while (I am a mom of four, so my life has been dedicated to them) and had no idea how to do graphic design. My learning curve has been very quick, but in the commotion of it all I learned my way (I still have so much to learn and open up to!) but the greatest lesson that I learned along the way is that you really can do ANYTHING that you put your mind to AND anything that is aligned with your purpose WILL grow in magnitude. 
About the Deck
Ascension Tarot brings you into a  Universe of traditional and non-traditional archetypes, animals, and outer dimensional symbolism. It invites you to explore your life in a more holographic, multidimensional way. 
I wanted to create a deck that not only explored the traditional tarot archetypes, but that expressed ideas around the Ascension process and the holographic world you live in.  I wanted a deck that expressed the concept that there is magic everywhere around you, even in the places that you cannot yet see. That we not only live in a 3D universe but one that is made up of a MULTITUDE of dimensions. That there are messages everywhere that you look, from the animals you see in your day, to the weather that meets you at sunrise. Whispers are everywhere.  
Ascension Tarot is meant to be used as a healing tool, as well as a trusted guide into your own Ascension process. As the creator of the deck, I wanted to show in both my choices of color and visual what lies just beyond the veil when you are able to tap into the magic that lives within you. Many of the graphic artwork concepts are based around the ideas of inner healing, strength, femininity, truth, crystals, energy work, and in working towards personal goals and dreams while processing each dimensional ladder as it presents itself to you. 
The Ascension process can already be difficult to navigate, but with the use of a profound healing tool such as Tarot, it makes the process that much easier. 
I hope that Ascension Tarot speaks to you as much as it pushed me to create it and that it becomes a beautiful friend to you, helping you to unlock your highest potential, live your best life and calm your storms within. 
I welcome feedback …negative and positive. I truly appreciate it all. ???

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Thank you to everyone who has purchased the deck. I am truly grateful to you.

Ascension Tarot Deck 

Ascension Tarot