Chronos Time & Kairos Time

The ancient Greeks believed that there were two different types of time. Chronos time and Kairos time.

The Soul

To dive into each timing module I must first talk about your soul. Your soul is the part of you that exists beyond this lifetime. Beyond who you are as a human walking this earth. Your soul is that part of you that remembers past lives, the part that survives the certainty of each death. It is your ancient self. Plato saw the soul as immortal as the part of us that lives on after death. Through each life, through every incarnation into a new physical body, your soul is always continuous. It is eternal and connected to all of life, through all energy source. Your soul is that part of you that is much wiser than you could even imagine. Your soul is what is tap, tap tapping you to connect to something deeper. Your soul is what is constantly trying to wake you up and to dive deeper into your essence towards your soul mission here on earth. Your soul knows who you truly are what you are capable of. Your soul, if you listen will guide you towards your best self and your highest calling here on Earth.

Chronos Time

Chronos time is the minutes on the clock. It is the year after year, the day after day. It is time that goes on in chronological order from the time you are born to the time that you leave this planet. It is the time that you have to get to work, it is the time that you need to be at that appointment. It is the past, present future in order from start to finish. It is the time of the calendar on your wall, the schedule in your cell phone. It is the time of the collective that is set on Earth so that we are all on the same page, meeting deadlines, dates, and appointments together. Chronos time is connected to the rational mind.

Kairos Time

Starseed Tarot Deck

Kairos Time is spiritual time. It is time that exists during meditation, through the creative process, through art, through reading, through sacred time, through past life regressions, Reiki sessions, and Unity Feild Healing  sessions. It is the time that we get lost inKairos Time is soul time. It is the place where our intuition and guiding light resides. It is where aha moments, serendipity, and deja vu resides. It is those moments where you just know within your being that you were meant to meet someone or that part of you that speaks with your unborn baby before you even know that you are to be pregnant. Its that time where within your dreams you speak to past loves ones or futures friends and family. It is time that cannot be measured and rather then it existing in the past, present, and future in chronological order, it instead is happening all at once. In Kairos Time your soul exists in the past, present, and future simultaneously.

During your awakening, I invite you to utilize Kairos time. This is where you will be able to access more information about who you truly are at a soul level, what your mission is here on earth, what your past lives are, who you are galactically and who your ancestors are. You are able to access your Akashic records and talk to your higher self, your team of lightworkers, your guides, your angels and the Ascended Masters in this time.