Clear Quartz

There is no better crystal for manifesting realities, programming intentions or amplifying energies. It is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier. This type of stone is easily obtained worldwide.

Clear Quartz

Think of Clear Quartz stone as the ultimate “Rock star”. This crystal will get the job done!

Once you program or set your intention for your Clear Quartz stone, it will constantly put your intention out into the universe, even when you are not thinking about it. It will always act on your behalf. Clear Quartz healing properties will also raise and amplify the energy level of any other crystals that come in contact with. It is a great idea to wear a clear quartz crystal bracelet between each of your crystal bracelets to amplify each of them.

A Clear Quartz stone also brings clarity of the mind, helping you to focus and become clear on your dreams and desires. They assist with spiritual development and removing any energy blockages that occur in your body. Clear quartz can absorb, store, release and regulate energy. It will help your energy to soar raising your energy to the highest possible level.

Clear quartz enhances your psychic abilities and attunes you to your life path and purpose, the reason why you came down to earth all those years ago. Provides the clarity to see this path clearly.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz connects to every chakra. It will purify and re-energize your chakra field, so that your mind, your core, and your base are all working in harmony at their highest potential.

Clear Quartz is the Master Healer. The ultimate guru of the crystal family.