Connecting to Lemuria 👽 

While living in Lemuria we used sacred stones as a way to connect to a greater part of who we were. Each clan wore a certain stone as the protector of that stone. Within each of those stones, the collective wisdom and information of that tribe were stored. The stones also signified persons skills and training.

Rose quartz was worn by beings working with unconditional love.

Crystals of Lemuria

Clear quartz was worn by beings who communicated between species and with intergalactic beings.

Larimar was worn by those who worked with the ocean beings as well as the shapeshifters who entered the earth to renew her.

Obsidian was worn by the protectors.

Turquoise-was wore by those wanting to move more deeply into the ways of the earth. For those traveling away from the ocean, they used this stone to protect them when away from the vibrations of the saltwater sea.

Put all these crystals together and you have a strong power source and infinite knowledge base. A high-level energetic library allowing you to manifest true soul wealth. 👽✌🏻💕