Daily Ascension Tarot Reading for January 19, 2021

I have been feeling this energy the last few days, a week even.

The waking up of situations and ideas that no longer belong in your life. Cycles that no longer do anything for you. The want and desire to be fulfilled in other ways.

Waking up. Waking up to new ways of conquering your financial, relationship, and emotional issues.

The help is there if you want it. But first, you need to allow yourself to be vulnerable. You must admit that there are issues within you that must be addressed.

So many of us walking around “ pretending that everything is fine” all because you do not want to address the reality of it.

Admitting the issue is half the problem solved already. If you can do that then the awakening process has already begun. Be proud if you can admit when things are not perfect in your life. Admitting that is very humbling. 🙏

Once you have done that then you can reach out to those that can help you see the other side of the coin. You may not have the tools to do that so you reach out to the community for assistance.

Conquer your demons and you will awaken to your highest self moving forward.

Much love ❤️


Tarot deck credit: Ascension Tarot @ascension_tarot by Dani’el Norman @dani_elnorman

Birds Oracle Deck by Jessica Blaine Smith @goldenblueca #birdsoracledeck

Key 20: Ascension You are experiencing a huge spiritual awakening, aligning with your soul mission and soul destiny. You have reached a new way of living, and have entered a new dimension. You must now realign yourself to this new frequency. You see life in its multidimensional holographic state. You recognize that you are destined for so much more than you thought. Life is taking you on a 180-degree turn, learning and remembering past lives and your galactic heritage. Step into this new field of enlightenment.

Reversed: You are very close to a shift in your life and the judgments that you are placing on yourself are holding you back. The ascension process also comes with an overwhelming sense of feelings and emotions. Are you feeling the turbulence of this ascension period? Ascension is not always pretty, and with it comes a need to retreat inward into self-care. Friends, family, situations, activities, careers, take a hit and some fall away. This causes confusion and sometimes a need to hold onto the past. Let go. The universe only gives you what is best for you.

3 of Swords– You are experiencing a test of your inner faith. The energy around you may not make complete sense to you creating anguish, frustration, pain, and grief. Keep in mind that this too shall pass and there is growth at the end of this phase. This is an opportunity to dig deeper into your inner self and learn more about who you are. How can you get out of your 3D experience and into the upper dimension to truly see the big picture? Whatever is happening is happening for you, not for you.

Reversed– You are on the path towards recovery and healing. If you are feeling stuck in your thoughts, feel into the situation to see where you can release even more. This is a time of moving forward, accepting the pain, and learning from it. Finding the positive in the trauma or pain that you just experienced. When you experience trauma your heart space becomes wide open and the soul must then find a way to heal it. The person that you were before entering the three of swords is never the person that emerges.

5 of Crystals- Where there was once security, now there is a loss. Misfortune, poverty, stress, and financial suffering is now in front of you. A heavy reminder of the choices that were made from unhealed emotions. Beware of your thought process at this time. Focusing only on the negative aspects and lack of what you have will only give you more of that. The key to unlocking and letting go of this stress is right in front of you. Learn what you can from this and move forward. Help is closer than you think.

Reversed– Tough times are coming to an end. You are beginning to feel better about your emotional state and the energy around you. Look ahead towards the light at the end of the tunnel. Think with optimism and positivity.