Daily Message April 5, 2022

Struggling within your relationship?? You are not alone. Partnerships are taking a huge hit right now with the dismantling of everything around you. We are receiving energetic upgrades and new keys which is effecting our physical and emotional states. Feeling depleted we sometimes have nothing left to give one another.

The key?? As the Rune Ansuz states….COMMUNICATION! Communication is so important right now! And even then you still might not get your point across as the other persons reality may not be assessable by you.

Keep holding the line. Let’s go of what no longer serves you and fight for the rest ?

It’s a hard time for so many right now.

Tarot cards used: Odin’s Playbook: A Norse Tarot Tale (available now through both my website and Etsy#odinsplaybook

Oracle card is from Viking Oracle by Blue Angel Publishing by @themodernwitch @blueangelpublishing

You can buy the Oracle deck HERE