December 16-22, 2019 Weekly Tarot Reading

? Reading of the Week for December 16-22, 2019 ?

Where last week was all about letting go and pushing forward, this week as the full moon dissipates you are being forced to travel inwards towards the reasons why. These are deep parts of your soul that you keep locked away in hopes that no one else sees.

Tarot Deck Credit: The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne ?Oracle Deck Used: Archangel Animal by Diana Cooper ?

The only way forward is by addressing the pain that got you here in the first place. As your spiritual-consciousness push’s you forward it is also peeling away the layers of destruction that have been with you, most likely since childhood. You may even be looking at healing lifetimes of pain! But it is all one and the same. In order to understand your own state, it is imperative that when shadow shows its face that you look at it in another way than you have in the past. (because obviously what you have been doing up until now has NOT been working for you!) A friend taught me a great little tool, when you feel the pain go back to the first time that you can remember feeling that pain, then sit and go a little bit further. Your conscious programming begins from birth, travel as far back as you can. Talk to your inner child, talk to the pain and forgive your younger self for you were only small. You had no idea that what happened to you would create such havoc in your life today. That pain can no longer hurt you. Allow the trauma to melt away and in its place take that energy and help others to do the same. Your story is awaited by the souls of the unconscious. Transcend your universe by healing the scars of the past. For you, your family and for your community. ??

As you begin to “get real” with your inner self, you will find that you are sick of it all. You crave to move forward, you crave to create another life that resembles nothing of your past. You may even feel embarrassed to some extent, for how could you have let these feelings go on for so long? The truth of it though is that some never stop to try and understand “why”. Your attempt at trying to understand is the first step to changing your future. It is fear that takes hold that keeps you from moving forward. When you have been so comfortable doing the same thing, thinking the same way, how could you possibly move forward?! You’re comfortable! ( and a part of you thinks you are “right” in how you manage your feelings and thoughts”) But if you are stuck, and you know it, then you know it’s time to learn another way regardless of the pain that you will feel.

Isolation is on the other side of truly feeling the trauma and integrating into your life. When you start to “get real”, you begin looking at your life wandering if that life even “fits” you any more. You may be stepping forward but the people in your life may still be standing still, unaware and still unconscious. It is your choice on whether you stay and wait for them to wake up or you leave. Take your time with this one.

Whether you acknowledge it or not your past is most definitely affecting your financial situation. The fear that you feel in looking inward at your deep-rooted stuff ( that got you here in the first place!) is affecting your monetary position. Trapped in your own mind and in your own cycles of thought keeps you in a position of discomfort BUT just like your thought process, the way in which you live your life is also a comfort zone! Feelings of unworthiness and lack keep you living in fear. You may also be fearful of ruffling feathers. What will others think of you if you actually got out of your own pain and moved forward into the light??

It is true, the people who are not really your friends/family will NOT approve of you being a better version of yourself because they LIKE the feeling of being “better” than you. ( or so they think they are, even though that is all in their minds) It makes others uncomfortable when they have to adjust to the new you! Why? Because they too are in their own comfort zones! But they don’t pay your bills do they? So pay no attention to the thoughts of others. The people that really truly love you with no conditions attached will support you ? ( the rest will fall away)

Fight for what you want even if it means making others feel uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable is where true growth happens, making others uncomfortable in a spiritual way forces others into change too! So fight for yourself. Every step you make in healing your trauma will propel you into the next dimension and you will spiritually ascend into the greater realms of consciousness. One step at a time. Baby steps if needed. ….And remember! What others think about you is none of your business!! ?

Carry with you this week the power and wisdom of The Bear ?. Just like the 4 of Emotions, the Bear walks alone to figure out how to move forward. Create a cocoon and wrap yourself in the light of source. The wisdom that you seek is within you, but to access it you must get quiet. Concentrate on your solar plexus this week to create the confidence and courage you need to ascend and heal.

And so it is ?

In Love and Light ???

Tarot Deck Credit: The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne ?
Oracle Deck Used: Archangel Animal by Diana Cooper ?