December 2-8, 2019 Weekly Tarot Reading

Tarot Deck Credit: Starchild Tarot Deck by Danielle Noel 🔥Oracle Deck Credit: Work Your Light Deck by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel 🔥

🔮 Reading of the Week for December 2-8, 2019 🔮

A week of major transformational energy is upon you this week and it looks as though you will not have much of a choice.

It’s time to let go. As you walk into the unknown it is imperative that let go of the past. Grieve if you have to, shed tears if you need to. Get the energy out of your physical body. The energy needs to go somewhere and it starts with you letting go. If you don’t enjoy physical exercise, let it out with a form of creative expression. No matter how you get it out, it is a must in moving forward. You may already be feeling this movement within, this fierce knowledge that there is something within you that is uncomfortable and that which no longer belongs inside you. Acknowledge it. If there is confusion that circles this knowing ask your angels and guides for assistance in helping you to draw it out.

The positive to this choice of acknowledgment is that whether you do or do not, the choice is no longer yours. I say this is positive because as the earth sheds its veil, the truth will be uncovered regardless of what you chose to do. You can do it on your own, or you will be forced to do it by the spiritual pull that is your soul’s choice. Your 3d self (if not yet connected to your 5D self) will make choices for you that will push you forward into this unknown. Depending on the choices that you have made in your immediate or past will depend on the severity of your consequences. Regardless of how you feel about it, it’s happening. You have made your choices and there are consequences to all thoughts and actions associated with those choices. What no longer serves the community and earth as a whole is being stripped away for the higher good of all.

You made a choice to incarnate on earth at this time, to help awaken the souls that are asleep. You have many gifts within you that are ready to be awakened. As the negative energy is being stripped from the earth, you will feel the pull of what no longer serves you leave your physical body. As this happens you will grieve the loss of what has left you in the form of flu-like symptoms, depression, anxiety, and confusion. As you move forward through these emotions and symptoms a clarity will begin to take flight and you will begin to step into an all-knowingness of why you are here, who you truly are and your soul mission. Everything that has happened to you up to this point will be considered gold in helping others to awaken. Utilize what you ave learned. Go easy on yourself, this is a sensitive time.

Justice will be served. The truth will be unveiled. The balance will be restored. Emotions will be havoc. The storm will be rough but keep your feet planted on the ground, charge them into the earth and keep faith that when the energy clears a new day will be upon you with clarity and compassion as you move forward into the greater dimensions.

All who have been running under the radar will be exposed, a spiritual gravitational pull will expose the dark night side and push them to take responsibility for all thoughts and actions. Truth and justice are what will be learned. As hard as the consequences are, it is all positive.

Whether you are ready or not, your Tower WILL fall. You can choose to cling on to the old, or you can let go and ascend. Holding on is a lot harder to do for the change that is coming is inevitable. Anything inauthentic will no longer survive. Anything in your life that was built on shaky ground will crash. This will feel like a personal attack but it is for your greatest good moving you into the best version of yourself.


In Love and Light 💗🙏💗

Tarot Deck Credit: Starchild Tarot Deck by Danielle Noel 🔥

Oracle Deck Credit: Work Your Light Deck by Rebecca Campbell and Danielle Noel 🔥