Earth Soul and Starseed Soul

?Your soul is guiding you in each moment of every day. Listening to the whispers of your soul helps you to progress thru the chaos and challenges that you create and seek. Ignoring it can be easy until the whispers become too loud for you to handle.

There are a few different types of souls living life on Earth at this moment.

1. The Unconscious Earth Soul.

As an Unconscious Earth Soul, this soul makes up the masses. Incarnating life after life on earth. You live each day in human form no cares, no sense of responsibility but following the rules of society with love, striving and wanting to be better each day. You don’t think too much about what else is out there and you don’t really question who you are. You feel as though Earth really is your home and you feel like you belong on Earth.

2. The Conscious Earth Soul.

As a Conscious Earth Soul, you are unconscious until a life event that awakens you makes you become conscious. This could be from a life experience that caused an upheaval of your life, hitting rock bottom, trauma or heartbreak. After this awakening, you want to make part of this world or your world a better place. You can decide to answer a call of service. This could be the person that wakes up thru trauma and decides that they are no longer going to use chemical products or someone that is going to help clean up their community each spring doing garbage pick up. This awareness can also be on a greater worldwide scale helping children and families from other countries, etc. Or your awakening can simply be that you are now awake and you have a different outlook on life and you seek a greater understanding. This greater understanding of how everything is connected will place you on a different path, changing the vibration of your life and those around you.  Your focus is on one thing to make something better due to your conscious thoughts.

3. Starseed Soul.

As a Starseed Soul, this soul has not only incarnated on earth but on other planets, in other dimensions and within other galaxies. You are here on a double mission: to not only grow your own soul but to also help the souls of earth on a worldwide collective scale. From a young age, you have always had this sense that you are here for a specific reason and you remember things without being able to place how you know. You have also never ever felt alone knowing that your guides have always been close keeping you on that path to finding out what your mission is as well as completing it.

You feel as though you have a mission here on earth and that time is running out in order for you to complete this mission.

You live on earth but do not feel like this is your home and yearn to be elsewhere.

As a Starseed Soul, your soul’s whispers will become louder and louder if you are not doing anything about what you are supposed to be doing, causing anxiety and stress within you. You will be given “awakenings” if you are moving down a path that you are not supposed to be on. This awakening or hard lesson will push you back onto the right path and that remembering of your Soul mission will return to your consciousness and will be felt once again. ?

Work Your Light Oracle Deck

When you are truly awake and on “a mission” you will have a hard time having gossip like conversations, dealing with narcissism, dealing with others ego, fakeness, engaging in meaningless relationships of any kind including family, friends and love relationships. You do not have the patience for anything less than the truth. You will not be able to engage in meaningless jobs that no longer give you that spark that it once did. Anxiety will be heightened if a Starseed Soul is not on his/her path of the Soul mission. You will feel restless and uneasy until you are on your right path and in that flow of your soul calling once again. The moment that you step off that path that same feeling will keep coming back and back again.

As a Starseed, you feel different than the rest. You feel alone at times for your difference makes you feel this way. You know that your thought process is not the same as the rest and a lot of the time you feel like you cannot relate so you keep to yourself a lot. You feel the need to dim who you are in order to fit in but this also makes you feel less worthy about yourself.

You dim to fit in but in doing so creates a depression with yourself because you know in your heart that you are not doing what you are truly supposed to be doing. You feel as though no one will understand who you are. The worst part of this is that when you dim or turn off your soul light you make it harder for others who are similar to you, to find you.

You are not alone as a Starseed Soul. You have incarnated with other Starseeds who also have a double mission! So instead of dimming your light, Brighten it! Find those who need you! Find the ones that will stand by you and help to keep your light bright.

Find those who you relate with, those that are also here to light the way both for themselves and for the collective conscious.

Be each other’s cheerleaders.

Find your Soul Family.

Crystals that have helped me with my awakenings are Lemurian Seed Crystal, Moldavite, Labradorite, Merlinite to name a few.


How loud are your whispers? Which soul do you resonate with?? I would love to hear from you in the comments below. xox