Empress Tarot Card Meanings

🔮Magical divine sensual feminine energy. Beauty, abundance, and the creation of life.

What new ideas are you birthing?

Lumina Tarot by Inner Hue

Abundance flows through you and within you. The empress is Mother Nature in her most human form of life.

You have come into a time of your life that you are now ready to birth something new. Whether that be from becoming a mother, birthing a new business, healing or creating a new idea.

Life is an energy that you embody within and into the life force of all. You are able to harness your divine energy through nature and the beauty of the earth. Just as Gaia has a deep respect for you, you too have a deep respect for her. She is where you feel most grounded, cleansed and one with who you are and all that is.

Explore the energy of the empress through the love of self and the love for all that surrounds you.

Give and love unconditionally. When you give from yourself with no want in return you are acting as Gaia does. Loving and nurturing with no expectations. Serving humanity and loving with all of which you are.

You are full of passion, beauty, and self-expression.

You are going through big changes but know that this is all a part of your divine plan. You are one with all and what you feel is also what others feel. Live as one, learn as one.

You are the flower petal of divine beauty.

🔮Keywords: Goddess, Fertility, Gaia

Reversed Empress Tarot Card Meanings

3 The Empress

🔮Is your energy running dry? Connecting to Gaia and the universe will help to re-establish a connection to your divine self allowing new ideas to begin flowing again.

Are you giving too much to others and not paying enough attention to yourself and your self-care? When

Starchild Tarot by Danielle Noel

you give too much, there is nothing left for you to enjoy. The light and fire have gone out within you leaving you with a sense of emptiness. Reconnecting to Source will allow the energy to begin flowing again rejuvenating your soul and placing a spark back into your being.

Get out into nature, your play park for your soul. Enrich and you shall receive once again.

🔮Keywords: depleted, lack of connection, uncreative


🔮The Empress is number three in the Tarot Deck and represents number three is Numerology.

Creativity and new ideas have begun to flow through you and you now want to share this with others. Anything can happen. Expect the unexpected.

The excitement to share your love with others allows you to add even more to your creative process. The journey has begun.

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🔮Crystals to use are: Emerald, Moss agate, Wood Jasper, Rose quartz

In Love and Light 💗🙏💗

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