Energy and the Chakra System

Aspects of Energy


  • The Human Body has 5 Aspects of Energy:
  • Physical Energy (Physical Body)
  • Mental Energy (Mental Body/Ego)
  • Emotional Energy (Emotional Body)
  • Energetic Energy (Energy Body)
  • Soulful Energy (Light body


The Energy Body refers to your chakra system, your auric field, and the connections into the earth as well as the light above. Your inner auric field is an inch around your physical body. The outer auric field is about three feet around your body but you can make it expand or contract as you wish.   The Energy Body will terminate when your incarnation ends.


The Soulful aspect of yourself is called the Light body and is connected to your Higher Self and Divine Source Energy. Your Light body is always there but it is dormant until the conscious mind acknowledges it is there. Once the Ego is aware of this it can then allow the Higher Self to step in and guide you in making better choices, and creating optimal growth. The Light body is permanent and infinite


Your Higher Self


What is a Higher Self? It is like the brain or the memory center of your soul. The Higher Self will help to guide your physical body, your mind, your emotions, and energy towards your intended goals and life mission and purpose here on Earth. Your Higher Self knows exactly why you are here, your life path, and life goals.


If you become disconnected from your Higher Self or your Light Body, one of the other aspects of yourself with step in which will result in an imbalance.


Energy Has different Names


  • Prana
  • Chi
  • White Light Energy
  • Divine Source
  • God/Holy Spirit
  • In Star Wars it is called “The Force”



Working together


  • It is important to learn how energy works within and around you and how to clear it. When you clear your Energy body, light and energy will then flow to the physical body.
  • If you are able to improve one of your aspects of Self you will in turn improve the rest. As you begin to heal you will naturally begin to heal even more aspects of self.
  • Example: If your goal was to lose weight and you experience weight loss in the Physical Body, you will in turn experience more confidence which will improve your Emotional body.




  • The Energy Body and Light Body are invisible to the Physical eyes but you can all experience it.
  • Try this: Rub your hands back and forth quickly creating friction. Now slowly spread your hands apart (the energy will push your hands apart) and begin to play with the energy ball that you have just ignited.
  • You cannot see it but it is defiantly there.
  • Invisible, but they are there
  • You cannot see your emotions but you know that they are there, you cannot see thought being created but you know it is there. When your heart becomes broken you feel pain in your Heart Chakra. You cannot see this pain but you defiantly know that it is there
  • You can feel when your energy is heightened and when it is depleted, just as you can feel when you are at optimal frequency feeling good, happy, and at peace within.
  • Energy toxins cause interference in the energy body creating an imbalance in all aspects of your Self, but when your chakras are open, flowing, aligned, and clear you will feel optimal.




  • Some of you are VERY sensitive to energy, feeling not only your own energy but of those around you. If you are sensitive to energy you would be considered an Empath. An Empath takes on the energies of those around them.
  • As you truly begin to be aware of your own energy and how it changes through different events or when you are around certain people or places, you will begin to recognize when foreign energy has entered your Auric Field. (more on how this feels when I speak a little about each Chakra)
  • Just like you can tell when you are vibrating at negative or positive energy, you are also able to tell when someone else is as well.


Malicious Negative Energy


  • Some energy can be more than just negative energy, it can be dangerous and malicious and the intent of this sort of energy is to do harm to the people that they infect. A great way to describe the way this energy feels is through your emotions.
  • There are events that you will go through in your life and you are able to trace your emotional feelings about that event but SOMETIMES you will encounter an invasion of this malicious energy, leaving you feeling confused about why you are feeling the way that you are feeling. You will not even be able to explain why you feel so depressed, or angry or irritated. This type of invasion is best described as an emotional virus.
  • This 3rd party energy can also jump.


Where do you find Malicious Energy?


There are many low-frequency places and people where you will find this sort of energy living off of.




  1. People described as mean, uncaring, vengeful, spiteful are “most likely” to be infested.
  2. Some bars or nightclubs could “potentially” harbor these energies
  3. When you drink and drink excessively you create black holes in your aura for these energies to slip into your energy field
  4. If you have lived with an alcoholic you problem has seen the way they can become a different person. Your family or friend is no longer there and in their place is someone you have no clue who they are. Darkness comes forward when there is excessive drinking. This can also be said with dangerous drugs involved.
  5. Promiscuous sex and many different partners.
  6. Dangerous occupations: At very high risks are hospital workers, correctional officers, Enforcement officers, military personal, even teachers who are dealing with suicidal students may encounter this energy.


Clearing and Shielding


  • Knowing how to clear foreign energy is very important to living in a higher frequency and for your optimal energetic health.
  • Clearing out energies that do not feel good to you will help to remove uncomfortable energy allowing white light to flow easily through the universal channel into your Physical Body. As this energy is able to flow freely your body then becomes more relaxed, more aligned, and is rebalanced.
  • It is important to learn to energetically shield yourself and center when you go out so that you are able to keep your own energy safe and clear.



Before you go out I want you to picture a very large pink clear glass, nothing can protrude into it. I want to you place the glass over your body and then I want you to picture the bottom completely sealed so that nothing is able to get in. Feel the pink protective energy surrounding you, leaving you feeling safe and secure.

Affirmation: Only those beings which exist in the Highest Order of Light may stand in my Presence. And so it is. Thank you 4X




Everything is energy


  • Everything on Earth and within the Universe is made up of Energy therefor all energy can be moved, transformed, stuck, and stored.
  • Examples:
  1. Food is energy for the body and then transformed into energy out of the body.
  2. When you exercise energy is able to flow through your body.
  3. You produce thoughts and so your mind is energetic.
  4. Your emotions are full of energy: When you fall in love you feel a surge of energy flowing and when that love leaves you to feel grief within the heart chakra.

Understanding your Energy Body will assist you in being able to clear unhealthy thoughts and emotions that create imbalances in your body. As you work hard on clearing your Energy Body you can actually clear dense energy from past lives and trauma. As you do this you will begin to see your life become brighter and things will become more clear. Energy work is very important.

* A very easy way to stimulate your energy field is by creating movement like exercise, yoga, or walking mediation. This will stimulate the chakra system flushing the body with Prana or White Light Energy


The Chakra System


The Chakras represent different psychological attributes in your life.


The Root Chakra


The Root Chakra is your grounding chakra located at the end of your tail bone and it represents a solid foundation in which you are able to grow an abundant life.

  • Picture a Tree. It can only grow from its deep roots anchored into the Earth, and no matter what that tree experiences weather-wise, that tree will still prevail if it has deep anchored roots.
  • Now picture you like that tree. If your roots are not anchored into the ground then how can you move forward?
  • This Chakra represents your housing situation, your safety, and your basic needs. It is very difficult to feel grounded when you feel in danger.
  • When there is a big change in your life your Root Chakra can feel un-rooted. An imbalanced Root Chakra will feel like a buzzing in the body.
  • You will feel a sense of fight or flight, like a feeling of emergency with not enough time.
  • It will feel like scattered energy where nothing gets done.



In Balance

Feeling Grounded


Feeling Safe

Positive feelings towards Change

Solid Foundation under your feet


Feeling Secure


Out of Balance

Feeling Stressed out


In the State of Emergency

Afraid of Change

An earthquake under your feet

Lost or Homeless

Feeling Threatened


What does Out of Balance mean?


  • The Chakra has too much energy flowing to it it.
  • There is a blockage preventing the flow of white light energy
  • Instead of the line of energy being long and extending vertically the energy is instead all bunched up, dense and spinning to fast
  • Black holes
  • Each will be expressed as stress in the Physical Body


The Sacral Chakra


  • The Sacral Chakra is located just underneath your belly button and it relates to creating and manifesting into the world.
  • It is an action chakra motivating you to take the first steps towards your goals.
  • It is a creative chakra pushing you to create something unique into the world (a child, business, a book, artwork, lead a movement, play an instrument)
  • Associated with your Sexuality and Intimacy
  • If blocked you will feel low energy, unmotivated, depressed mood and lack of direction


In Balance

  • You are Motivated
  • You will have Drive/Ambition
  • Seek out Adventures
  • Feel Focused
  • Feel Free
  • Feel Sexually Satisfied
  • Feel Sexually Accepted
  • Creativity will flow through you
  • Procreation
  • Create a Unique Expression
  • Acting in your full potential



Out of Balance

You will feel Stuck

Feel unmotivated

Will feel bored

Are easily distracted

Life will feel limited

Sexual Block

Sexual Block

Will lack artistic expression

No birth or outcome towards that

Your potential will feel limited.

Unable to follow through with goals

Solar Plexus


  • The Solar Plexus is located above the belly button and represents your power in the world. It oversees things related to your career, money, and your status.
  • Holds the fear of losing everything that you have created and achieved in this world.
  • Where you hold your anger


In Balance

A lot of Confidence

Have Self-Discipline

Have Self-Esteem

Self Advocacy

Balanced power

Have will-Power

Inner strength

Be courageous

Rule with fair leadership

Have career stability

Will be calm and balanced


Out of Balance

Have Low Self-Esteem

Easily gives in


Feels pushed down or held back

Will be Dominating/or Feel Powerless


Anger towards others

Fearful or Timid

Will be Dominating/or Feel Powerless

Fear of Career Loss

Will be Fierce and unyielding


Heart Chakra


  • The Heart chakra carries 4 qualities: love, compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance
  • The Heart chakra also has 4 layers:
  1. Love for oneself
  2. Love in intimate relationships (one partner or family members)
  3. Love for your community and the people you see outside your home
  4. Christ Consciousness- Open to all beings everywhere, Worldly, infinite love that has no boundaries


Heart Chakra


Layer of Heart














Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness


In Balance




Compassion for your Self

Giving and Receiving

Willing to forgive

Loving and Caring

Emotional Connection

Compassion for Family

Compassion for All

Love for Community

Social Friendships

Accepting of others

Divine Connection

Love to all beings everywhere


Out of Balance

Feel unworthy of love

Feels unlovable

Feels ugly/something wrong with them

Hates oneself

Gives until depleted

Holds a grudge

Angry and mean

Disconnected in a relationship

Distant from Family

Hatred towards some people

Feels disrespected

Isolation and Withdrawal


Hurt by God/Source

Considers only the Self


Throat Chakra


  • The Throat Chakra oversees your communication and expression.
  • The activities of the Throat chakra are speaking, singing, writing, chanting, teaching, motivating.


  • In Balance
  • You tell the Truth
  • Trusting
  • Confident voice
  • Thinks before speaking
  • Encouraging and helpful words
  • Creative Self Expression
  • Speaks Justice into the world
  • Creative


  • Out of Balance
  • Lying
  • Mistrust
  • Afraid to speak
  • Speaks without thinking
  • Cursing and put-downs
  • Inadequate
  • Speaks injustice into the world
  • Lack of creativity


Third Eye Chakra


  • The Third eye is located on your forehead and is the doorway to opening your psychic skills and spiritual gifts.
  • This is the place for your problem solving, your planning, and all functions of the mind. You are only able to focus when you have created a trained and disciplined mind. When it is not disciplined the mind is a flow of overthinking and potential turbulence.
  • Positive thinking and affirmations will help to open the third eye.


In Balance

Clarity and focus

Strong decision-making skills

Walking in your Lifepath/soul mission

Learn or teach your knowledge

You Believe in yourself

Positive thinking

Your intentions are focused

Say affirmations

Have a disciplined mind

Positive self talk

Thinks in the present

Does Meditation

Able to Quiet the Mind


Out of Balance

Unclear and unfocused direction

Unable to make decisions

Off path

Not challenged intellectually

You doubt yourself

Negative thinking

You cannot finish tasks

A negative attitude

To much over-thinking

Negative self talk

Thinks in the past or the future (depression, anxiety)

No concept of meditation

Mind is overactive, thinking too much


Crown Chakra


  • The Crown Chakra is located at the crown of your head and is a circular light around the head.
  • When you activate your halo of white light you then have a direct connection to Divine Source and Universal Light. There is a centerline that gets activated that runs through the center of all your chakras up to the 100th It is part of the Light Body and your Higher Self.
  • This is the most sacred chakra. Your guidance will come from this chakra.
  • Lightworkers are conduits utilizing this energy source when doing their healing work with clients. When the 7th chakra is open light energy flows from the Universe and through the client.
  • When this chakra is open, one is able to Astral Travel


  • In Balance
  • Connection to Divine Source
  • Relationship with a Higher Power
  • Your own Spiritual or Religious Path
  • A Joyful Expression
  • Healer
  • Highly Intuitive
  • Listen to your Guides
  • Peace and Solitude
  • See a Multi-Dimensional Universe
  • Inner Knowing and Controlled stance
  • Balance and clarity in Response


Out of Balance

Disconnected from Universal Love of the Divine

Aware of Source/God but you are not in a relationship

No spiritual Practice/Religious Path

Inner sorrow

Unconscious of Light and energy

Outcomes are negative, unaware of why

No conscious awareness of right and wrong

Go, Go, Go

Limited awareness of Consciousness, 3D

Fierce, angry and Unyielding

Angry and those around you

How to Heal and Clear your Energy Body

  1. Connect to the Universal flow and divine source energy
  2. Cleanse and restore your Auric fields
  3. Cleanse, Clear, balance and align your chakras
  4. Use crystals, sage, singing bowls, and incense to aid in your self-healing process
  5. Meditation and walking meditation
  6. Move your body, create a flow of light throughout
  7. Clear out past and present life trauma and karma
  8. Affirmations and positive visualization
  9. Seek the help of an experienced lightworker and energy healer to help in your healing journey. Reiki and Unity Feild Healing are wonderful healing modalities.






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