Your best days are yet to come

You are unhappy, you are miserable and you feel stuck. It is a comfortable feeling because you have lived it every day for months and possibly even years now. You have come to not expect anything from anyone nor from the world around you. You do not grow, you do not press forward and you keep staying stuck. Negative thoughts come into your mind each day growing as the days move forward. You feel that you cannot get out of it and you feel like you will never be able to attain all that you want in this life. Your goals seem like a very distant enthusiastic memory that is now very unattainable.

Moving Forward

Know that in this life you are ALWAYS moving forward and never backward. Your faith in yourself can always be restored. There will always be times where you feel no growth within your being. You feel as that there is not much going on for yourself but please know that growth is happening whether you know or believe it or not! You need to always have faith and believe that things WILL get better!

That belief within your soul will always fight that which you have no control over. With that belief, you will be able to come out on top and in your favor. With knowledge, faith, experience and life lessons you are always moving forward and you will always come out better off then you were before. Every setback is simply a setup for a comeback.

No matter how low you feel your life has gone in the past it is very possible for your life to go just as high and then as high as you want it to go! No matter what has happened to you in the past or even what is happening to you right now you can have all that you want in this life. Maybe you have encountered abuse, sickness, bankruptcy, a horrible childhood, poverty or lack of structure. That is in the past and it can stay in the past if you allow yourself to use those events as stepping-stones to new beginnings. Every hardship in your life will only take you higher and higher, for you now know better. Once you know something you cannot pretend that you don’t know. You know what you want and what you don’t want and most importantly you know what you will stand up for and what you no longer will stand for.

Always believe that the forces that stand with you are far greater than the forces that are against you. You can battle anything that comes your way for you are armed with much strength for every battle you encounter.

When you are determined to do better and be better not only does your mind become clearer but also your soul becomes stronger and that much more determined to keep moving forward towards your goals.

Your Answers Live Within You

Visualize those goals and keep them locked into your mind. Lets your goals take root, always watering them and nurturing them. When doubts enter your mind push them out of your mind with that greater belief deep within yourself. It happens much too often that we allow our minds to take over that of our soul. We allow the negativity of the world around us to make decisions for us when the one that we should be listening to is our own selves! The answers that you seek live within you. Those answers will direct you towards the right path.

It is so easy to look towards the future with doubt and a sense of uneasiness. You have no clue how you will get out of debt or how your business will grow and produce more sales, or how your child will finally get themselves on track, or how you will gain that relationship that you have always wanted. In the world we live in this can all seem impossible to turn around, but if we can truly look within ourselves and trust what we already know then you know that it is indeed possible for everything to work out in your favor! Belief is all that you need. Learn to walk by this faith and not by what you see right in front of you for our perceptions can be false. Our spirit is much bigger than our perceptions.

Do not allow negativity to be drawn into your life by creating it within yourself. Fight the urge to agree with whatever the physical world is telling you. The more negativity that you allow in the more that you will not believe. Listen to your spirit, your soul, that feeling within that you cannot push away. Those are the true answers and that is where the positivity lies. Think positive and more positivity will arrive, think negativity and more negativity will appear.

When you stay set in your faith and you believe in what you are feeling within you, you will always hear what it is you need to hear. The voice is there deep within you; you just need to be willing to listen and to KEEP listening.

Your best days are still yet to come. Nothing is too hard when you just believe! So get rid of that negative mindset, get rid of the mindset of being constantly defeated, get rid of the “I can’t” mentality. This way of thinking no longer serves you! Instead put on your positive, “I can” attitude and push forward!

And please remember, your past is in the past and all that you have is now. Your future depends on the choices that you make today!

Much Love,


The Universe