Five of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Moonchild Tarot by Danielle Noel

?A time of transformation and choices.

Taking yourself out of the equation and focusing on the black and white is what is needed to move forward.

Be aware of the emotions and thoughts that you are placing into the situation, there is no room for excessive emotions at this time. It will only confuse you in the plan you will need in getting through this point in your life.

Learn from the past, do what is needed to move forward with tact and over-analysis. Be mentally aware. Work towards great clarity.

When you are able to take your emotions out of it, a great fog will be lifted and the only thing left will be the clear plan and clear path in front of you.

The pain that you are feeling is inevitable but in order to move forward, you must try and find the positive.

Forgiveness towards others is needed in order to see past the hurt. Pain is creating high walls of negativity, anger, and resentment.

Your body is feeling the toxicity of the pain and hurt and creating thoughts that are not serving your highest purpose.

It is time to break down this wall and see the light in the situation.

Things have not turned out the way that you wanted leaving you feeling anguish and sad.

Take the first step in moving forward. Healing is there when you are ready.

5 of Cups Ascension Tarot

You may be feeling loss or uncertainty all around you but this is a nudge for you to look within. Things may not have worked out the way that you envisioned but that just means there is something better coming. Look around with a new perspective so that you can see all that is in front of you. This is also a time of healing and rebirth. ?

What situation is in front of you that has not worked out the way you thought it would? This is leaving you feeling disappointed, sad, and possibly regretful. Take a step back, look at things from a different perspective. Do not lose all hope, there is something here for you that you have not yet seen. Keep moving forward. Find the positive in each thought process. There are many options ready for you when you are ready.

 Reversed Five of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Starchild Tarot by Danielle Noel

?If you are holding on to any past pain, traumas, and negative attachments now is the time to look towards healing that. It no longer serves you.

Where you are going has no room for pain. Only love, unconditional love, and transformation hold the key to where you are headed.

Self-compassion and deep reflection are needed to move forward.

Every lesson that you have learned so far has got you to where you are now and it is all positive regardless of the pain endured. You are stronger because of it!!

Walk the path towards a new beginning with love, forgiveness for self and others, and stand tall with confidence.

Think outside the box into the 5th dimension. This is your heart space. When you are hurt there are other components within the energy field that you cannot see.

Souls are interacting in a way that teaches you another way of living.

To dissipate the pain, address the soul through a soul connected conversation and practice forgiveness. Walk away from the pain and feel the love in your heart. Pain and trauma are now behind you. Walk out of the darkness and into the light.

You are supported.


?The five of Cups represents the number five in numerology. For more information on Numerology number Five please click here


?Crystals to use while in the healing process are Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst

In love and light ???