Fool Tarot Card Meanings

Fool Tarot Card Meanings Upright

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What if you could take all your fears and anxiety away? What if there was no fear of stopping you from embarking on that soul journey or a new adventure? You feel the soft nudges of your guides to start that new project, to look at something with new eyes. Your eyes are clear; your headspace of negative thoughts. You feel as though you are on top of the clouds and that you can do anything! Your confidence is soaring and it is as though you are experiencing life for the very first time. All of your senses are completely clear and you will not let anything stop you from what your soulful heart desires. You do not care what others think because you are following your soul instinct, you are listening to your higher self and your guides and angels that surround you. They know what is best for you and you feel safe in what they tell you to be true. You know that no matter what happens the universe has your back. Everything that you ever wanted is right in front of you and you are completely ready for something new to enter your life and you are going for it! Each day is a new adventure and a new day to write a new chapter in your life and each moment should be lived to the fullest.

That is the energy of the Fool.

The Fool

  • The beginning of the journey
  • Not a care in the world
  • Complete bliss and beauty everywhere
  • Completely ready for something new
  • Independence
  • Embarking on a new journey
  • Does not care about anything around him/her
  • No fear at all
  • Complete confidence that the world has your back
  • Not putting any real thought into what you are doing, you just do it
  • Innocence, child-like thought process
  • So many possibilities
  • Living in the moment while being filled with wonder and possibility
  • There are no worries about the future and the only thoughts that are going on are of the present
  • Take a giant leap of Faith
  • Have the courage to not think, just do
  • Renewal and New Beginnings
  • Each day is an adventure and each moment must be lived to the fullest
  • A deep soulful desire to reach new heights and fulfill new goals
  • New opportunities are directly in front of you, open your mind and heart to see them
  • Trust the universe, it has your back!
  • Believe in yourself, you are part of the great divine. Follow the voices within your very being, no matter how crazy you think that it might sound. Your higher self, your guides, your angels, the universe knows what is best for you.
  • Experiencing life for the first time
  • Looking at life from a new perspective
  • Inner child knocking to get out!
  • Don’t care what others think
  • There is no right or wrong way to do things, just start writing your new story. Be brave and trust your instincts.

The Fool Card by Dani’el Norman

Reversed Fool Tarot Card Meaning

There is a difference between thinking things through and heading face first into oncoming danger. Do not be reckless with your soul. One bad judgment or decision in life can lead you down a path that could make you miserable for a very long time. Take chances but think before you go out and make big changes.

You are fearful of what lies ahead and so you control what you don’t yet know which also keeps you standing right where you are.


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