Welcome Lightworkers

Welcome to Astral Mermaid: Your Tools for Multidimensional Transformation!

As you shift into a higher frequency of existence and become more consciously aware your soul is looking for more tools to achieve a greater understanding of who you truly are. Your greatest version of yourself awaits you.

As a fellow Light Warrior, I am here to help serve your greatest good and work with the highest of intentions.

Much Love, Dani’el xo

P.S- To help with your transition through time I also like to create things for you.

I have created the Ascension Tarot deck and I am now working on the Viking Age Tarot deck. I have created the Walking Meditation Tarot deck as well, but I am unsure whether or not this will be for sale or just for myself to work with, I’m on the fence about this but I will let you know as time goes on if this will be for sale.