Forgiving Ourself

Life gets pretty intense when you put your own emotions and feelings on the backburner doesn’t it? Every day you have the opportunity to grow and become your best version of yourself yet when things get tuff and uncomfortable you tend to become a hermit and crawl into yourself.

Self-reflection is hard.

It really does make you feel uncomfortable sometimes and rightfully so! It’s supposed to be uncomfortable. (If it weren’t uncomfortable then you would not want to change it!)

It makes you want to cry.

It makes you want to run.

It makes you want to blame everyone else around you for how you are feeling.

The beauty of that pain?

That pain is what is going to push you to be better then you were yesterday. It’s going to push you to reflect. It’s going to push you to be that better mother, father, step-parent, friend, partner, lover, sister, brother.

It’s going to push you FORWARD.

Dig Deep

In life, we all have the lessons that we need to learn. Not one single person on this earth is walking that perfect life.

Look within your life right now, what do you struggle with daily?

Which feelings do you push away when the feelings get too intense?

For me I struggle with patience, reaching out for help and loving myself. Daily I need to bring myself back and reflect on how I am communicating to myself, how I am communicating to others, what I am doing for myself to get me to that next stage in my life, and am I really, truly breathing?

The feelings that you find most intense are the feelings that will force you to ask the most questions about yourself. They are the feelings that will make you dig deep within your very core.

Easier said than done right?

Of course, those are only words. Actions are what will force you to reflect and move forward!


I have to meditate daily to feel grounded and collected. Mediation forces you to sit with your feelings, ask your higher self those hard important questions, and then you are forced to truly listen. Listen to your breath; listen to the emotions that swell up within yourself. Maybe that will come out at as “a-ha” moment, a choked up feeling at the pit of your stomach, a deep releasing cry that you have no clue where that even came from!

That’s where the answers lie, within those emotions. Within those reactions.

Sometimes I come out of meditation feeling relaxed and free and full of energy, other times I come out feeling jagged, tired but always free.

There is always a release, a realization or a confirmation that comes with meditation. When you take a moment to give yourself that time to reflect and enhance your life, the universe will move you forward that much more.

It will be in those deep and profound feelings that you are given the opportunity to forgive yourself, forgive others and truly embrace the path that you are on at this moment in time.


Ah, forgiveness. What a foreign concept when it comes to our own selves’ right? It seems hard enough that we must first forgive others but to forgive ourselves??

Not so easy.

In order to forgive we must first recognize what it is we need to forgive. This can become a vicious and complicated cycle if we have no clue what we are looking for and what is exactly the culprit for making us feel this certain way.

Just like success leaves clues so does pain and sabotage.

Life is a pretty tricky yet smart table for displaying our inadequacies. Regardless of whether or not “we think” that we are not allowing others to see our faults, life shows us what they are by the way in which we live and show up each day.

If you were to step back and look at your life as a whole, what does your life look like? What patterns do you see? What themes continuously come up in your life?

Life themes can take years to change.

Do you keep picking the same type of partners in your life? Do keep finding yourself in the same financial situation? Are you continuously putting your foot in your own mouth? Do you sabotage every relationship by not communicating properly or even enough? Are you truthful or do you constantly tell lies? Do your addictions get in the way of everything and everyone you touch?

Whatever theme it is, in order to change it you must first recognize it. Until then this theme will play none stop like a shitty record on repeat until you do.

Admitting it and I mean FULLY, WHOLE HEARTINGLY admitting to the theme you are already halfway there to healing that path in your life. The other half is going to take the hard work, the obstacles, the determination, the faith in you and the love and forgiveness that you will have to learn to live with. That is what will push you forward.

It is not easy.

Not at all.

Of course, some things will be easier than others to pick out and consciously work on but that is all a matter of who is dealing with it. We all grow up in all different households, with that comes a skill set that we mirror. A way in which we are able to handle all outside influences. Within each situation that we encounter throughout our lives, we also pick up different ways of handling ourselves. Then there are all our past lives, karma, energy residue, the people that we spend our most time with, etc, etc, ETC.

Get Grounded

Life is a sweet obstacle and that is why it is so important to get grounded, focused, in tune with your inner and higher self on a daily basis.

When you are not grounded your life just feels MESSY.

Below is a list of a few ways that I feel grounded:

Meditation and Self Reflection: People think that in order to meditate and self-reflect we need to find a quiet space and sit. That is not the case at all. One of my favorite ways to meditate is actually by walking alone down a beautiful quiet road. Cars that pass by me most likely think that I am nuts as they constantly see me talking to myself but that has never stopped me. (let them think what they want to think as what others think of me is actually none of my business 🙂 This is my best space for meditating with my higher self, asking the universe questions, stating my affirmations and doing visualization. So get out walking! Breathe, get your focus on, walk and let your heart shine bright!

My second favorite place to meditate? On my couch or my bed, lying down with all my favorite crystals surrounding me and laying all over my body. AHHHH pure BLISS! Other than Reiki I think this has to be one of the best feelings. I crave this feeling daily!

Weightlifting: There is nothing like going to the gym and lifting heavy weights. You feel strong, accomplished, confident and your mood replenished. If you are having a hard day, lifting heavy will push that energy to be released through the intensity of the lifts. It’s a win-win as you gain muscle and release negative energy. So get lifting, your body will thank you.

Sageing my house, my crystals and my human body: The instant that I light my sage and ask the plant of Sage to delete and clear all negative energy that surrounds me I feel the energy shift and my soul relax. I try and sage my house weekly but with winter and cold days here in Canada it makes it hard to open windows. So pick a day that is warm and sage your home. It is an instant pick me up.

What are the ways in which you feel grounded? How do you bring yourself back to feeling focused and clear with your thoughts? How do you forgive yourself daily?

I look forward to reading your comments below.


Much Love,

Astral Mermaid