How to Protect your Energy

As an empath, I used to feel like I had no control how over how I felt in situations, places that I went, or after being around certain people. I used to dread going out ( and still do to an extent 😆)

Over the years I have gathered little strategies to help when venturing out, or even in my own home. If you have ever felt the same, this post will help you.

I have put together the things that I use and do every day that helps me to clear and protect my energy Feild 🙏

1. Sage- feeling negative energy in your aura or is your home feeling “off”? Even after a fight in your home Sage is a great way to cleanse our that negative energy

2. Incense- Negative energy runs away from Frankincense-Myrrh and especially Dragons Blood.

3. Crystals- There are many types of crystals to use for protection, hematite and obsidian are two of my absolute favorites. When someone asks me to create them a protection bracelet I will always place these two in it.

4. Visualization-Surround yourself with pink light. Picture yourself under a glass of pink light, nothing can penetrate your Feild.

5. Affirmations and Mantras- one of my favorites is “Only those beings which exist in the highest order of light may stand in my presence” and so it is. ( say this 4 times)

6. Selenite- I carry this everywhere, in my purse, my pockets, near my bed, as a lamp. This is liquid light.

7. Salt- To protect your home sprinkle outside your doorways sweating the intention that no negative energy may enter, use salt lamps to dispel, and filter negative energy. I have these in all rooms in my home.

8. Energy clearing or Healing- Reiki, Unity Feild Healing, Energy healing are all wonderful ways to clear out any negative energy, realign your chakras, clear out debris, heal energy wounds, and set intentions to keep your energy Feild clear and strong.

There are many other ways to help you stay aligned, and at your highest frequency what are some of the ways that you keep your energy body working at optimal levels?

I hope this helps you 🙏

In love and light 💗🌱