How to Spiritually Level-Up

So you have been doing all this spiritual work on yourself and for yourself. You are ready to “level-up”. But where to start?

I notice about myself that every couple years I will “level-up” some years go faster than others while others seem to drag on with me thinking how can I push things into overdrive and help this along? There are always things that you can be doing to help the “level-up”  along aside from the ever emerging life lessons that crash into us through each waking day.

Below are the things that I do to keep my spiritual motor running and push towards Spiritually Upgrading.

Let’s go through my list.


  1. Are you meditating? If not how are you hearing your guides? The universe? Source? Meditation is crucial in “hearing”. When people hear this response from me I get a lot of “I don’t like to meditate”, or “I don’t hear anything when I meditate” or “I can’t sit there that long to meditate”. Sound familiar? I have a feeling that we all start out that way. Anything that we don’t yet understand, or that you have not yet got used to will feel uncomfortable at first. I have a friend who only meditates to guided meditations and every single time she falls asleep to them. I have often suggested sitting in silence to do them herself and she says that she “can’t”. She can, anyone can but it takes a certain mindset to sit there in silence and allow the silence and universe to guide you. Allowing yourself that time is what will propel you forward. The answers you seek are within that silence. And don’t get me wrong, I love me a guided meditation! But the real candy at the candy store for me is a quiet meditation under my copper pyramid. So take the time and carve out 10 min of your day to sit and see what happens! Start at 10 minutes and as you start to feel more and more relaxed add a few more minutes to each day. start slow and grow your momentum at your own speed.
  2. Are you eating healthy? Are you eating foods that allow you to feel clear-headed? What are you nourishing your body with? There is a reaction to every food that you place into your body. I know before I put certain foods into my body how my body will react. Grease, bread, red meats all leave me with a lower frequency, my insides heavy and gassy. But that is me. Only you can determine what is best for you. I am not here to scold you. It’s just about being mindful of how we are feeling and what we are nourishing our bodies with. Food is energy, our bodies are energy. Some energies do not mix! Some say a vegetarian diet is the best way towards clarity, some say it’s being a vegan, some say they eat what they want all the time and feel just as clear. Everyone is different. All you need to concentrate on with this is just to be conscious and listen to how your body responds to foods. Only you know.
  3. Be in the Sunlight. The sun rejuvenates our light bodies. If you are ever feeling down in that lower frequency,  walking outside and basking in the sun is an instant pick-me-up! If you can, start your day out with the morning sun rising. Sit there and do your meditations. Envelope yourself in the beautiful warmth of the mystical sunshine. Ask the sun to cleanse you from the inside out.
  4. Work your body! Are you moving your body? Are you energizing your body as a whole? Are you raising your heart rate? Some of you have jobs that allow very little movement while sitting at a desk. Movement is crucial! Find something that you love to do but do it daily. Walking, running, dancing, lifting heavy weights, CrossFit, snowboarding, hiking, yoga, the list goes on. Pick something, do it daily and if you can, do it at the same time every day. Your guides/universe will show up with you and they will know when a good time to “talk” to you is. When you show up, they show up.
  5. No drinking. I mean do what you want but these are what I know to be true for me. Drinking alcohol brings me down. Drinking heavily and trying to function the next day? Well, not good either. I know for me if I have had a few too many drinks the next day I am tired, hazy, I cannot think clearly or even think about having a productive day. Production level becomes pretty much zero. And rightfully so, like I said earlier our bodies are energy, alcohol is energy and some energies do not mix. And if you need alcohol then limit it. Again these are guidelines, not rules. But I am sure that you are reading this post because you are looking to level up 🙂
  6. Believe in yourself. What are you telling yourself on the daily? What words are you using each morning when you wake up? When something happens? When you look at yourself in the mirror? What does your mindset look like? Believing in yourself is more than just saying it, it is doing it!!! We can all say all the things that we want to happen, the things that we want in our life, we all dream. But a dream is a just a dream until you take action. And how do you take action??? By thinking great things and then doing them. You cannot have one without the other. To be 100% truthful? If you start doing all the things on this list you will have no other option than to start believing in yourself because you are pushing yourself daily to be the best version of yourself that you can be! And you are going to feel awesome! When you believe in what you are doing you shine your light for others to do the same. You are a glowing beacon of light paving the way.
  7. I am going to add one more to this list and say this: Life lessons, we all go through them but it is HOW we go through them that will determine IF we level up. If we do not go through the lesson gracefully and by “allowing” then I am afraid you may have to go through that life lesson again. One thing that I have learned is that life lessons will come up time and time again until we have grasped the lesson concretely. Once we have learned it, and I mean really learned it then it will not come up again and if it does it will come to you as a test to see that the lesson was ingrained into you. Once you have successfully learned the lesson that you yourself self-sought out to learn you will then get your “level-up”. At least this is what happens for me. It is not until I have had my “a-ha” moment, let go of my control surrounding what I “want to happen” to just “allowing” that the universe then places me into my next lesson. No amount of worrying, fear, anxiety, depression will get you to where you want to go. Less control, more faith and just allowing. Over the last couple of months, I have begun saying to myself “ I wonder how this lesson will end?” “I wonder what the end of this movie will look like”. It makes the lesson that much more exciting even in the hardest of times.


What do you do on the daily to help your spiritual upgrading?

Much love,