Judgement Tarot Card Meanings

Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

🔮A new day and a new way of thinking have emerged and it is here to stay.

An awakening has transpired and with that comes a new way of life.

You are experiencing many a-ha moments that are finally making sense to you.

You are now making decisions that are based on love rather than fear. Nothing will ever be the same again.

You are fully protected and surrounded by the love of the divine, your guides, source and all that is.

You are stepping into your own. The path of your soul mission, your life purpose and fully recognizing your true essence on this Earth.

You are lovingly supported at this time.

You are now fully alert, listening and seeing the signs from your masters that are pushing you into your true essence.

You are ready for a new life and a new way of living.

You are finally ready to leave your old life behind and begin the journey that you are meant to be on, leaving the fears of the past behind you.

Source recognizes the pain and the suffering that you have endured, Source sees the strength and the perseverance that you have shown through all troubled waters. Lessons have been learned and from those lessons, you are ready for new heights of spiritual existence.

A true awakening has been evoked within and you now recognize that in order to move forward you must allow spirit to work through you. You are being called to walk in faith. You are being called to live through love, to be love and to give love.

You are recognizing that you are spirit energy, sharing the same essence of light as the Divine Source. You are the light that shines.

Rise up and awaken to all that you are and don’t look back.

Walk away from everything that no longer serves your highest and greatest good.

🔮Keywords: Awakening, New life, Ascension, Source energy

Reversed Judgement Tarot Card Meanings

You are not paying attention to the nudges and the whispers that are being given to you through your guides and source. And if you are hearing and feeling them, then you are consciously choosing to ignore

The Everyday Enchantment Tarot by Poppy Palin

the signs that are being presented to you.

Whether this is out of fear or not feeling as though you are ready you are ultimately holding yourself back from the life that you are meant to be living.

Take a look around you.

What or who is holding you back?

Dive deep into this. Who do you need to forgive to move forward? What aspects of your self do you need to address? The answers are there, dormant and stuck.

Heal the traumas that hold you back.

🔮Keywords: Self-sabotage, Ignorance, Asleep


The Judgment card is number 20 in the tarot deck.

Lumina Tarot by Inner Hue

Your intuition and psychic abilities are full tilt.

You know what you want, you see your desires, and you have a crystal clear vision of what is really happening around you.

You are fully awake and everything finally makes sense.

You are going through an ascension period of your life and are receiving many downloads and upgrades

at this time.

You may be feeling overwhelmed but you now know with a clear heart that this is what is truly best for you moving forward.

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🔮Crystals to Work with: Moldavite, Auralite 23, Labradorite, Obsidian, Clear Quartz

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