Life is a Maze

Do you notice the loops and cycles within your life?

Do you notice that the same tests keep coming up over and over again?

Do you notice that each time that loop or cycle comes up the test is harder and harder if you do not acknowledge it?

You may not even recognize the cycle or loop.

Take a moment to reflect. What do you continuously wish would end in your life? What stress do you continuously have to deal with? What do you keep doing that is keeping you stuck in the same realm of thought?

For some it is the same type of relationships over and over, for some, it is money-related issues with a mindset of “not enough”, for some it is the way in which you think about yourself.

Only you know the answer to this.

Life is a Maze

What I have come to know is that recognizing that you are in a loop and feeling stuck is half the battle.

Only when you recognize it can you start to work on it.

It’s about gaining greater tools for your toolbox to deal with the old thought patterns and greater discoveries yet to come.

It is about wanting more for yourself and fulfilling your reason for coming to Earth at this time.

In love and light 💗