Live Your Divine Destiny Life

The Fated Life

I believe that before you incarnate onto Earth you choose your life, your family, your parents, your ancestry line, your DNA, your location to live, your job, certain people that you will meet, your spouse. This is what is called

Starchild Tarot by Danielle Noel

The Fated Life. This life is predetermined for you, by you. These are things that will inevitably happen in order for you to learn the lessons that you set out to learn prior to arriving on Earth. Its like pre-arranged circumstances that you know will happen and all the people that surround this circumstance have agreed to support you in that. (Kairos TimeThe Fated Life was your choice that you made happen regardless of the hurdles, the anguish, the pain or even the extreme happiness that you knew that you would endure.

I know that this can be very controversial to some as people have stated to me “What about children being abused and situations similar to this, do you really think that they actually want that life”? I can answer that question from my own perspective and feelings and say that I have experienced a life of emotional and physical abuse and I have learned from that. Did I want to be abused when it was happening? No, of course not but through living through it I have learned multiple ways to deal, accept, forgive and learn from this trauma that  I know have helped me in my adult years. In learning through this, I am now able to help others within their direct lives.

Little did I know though that in 2007 I would re-create another aspect of my Fated Life and I would enter another abusive relationship for the next six years. I see now that this was a test for me, one that took me many years to realize. Not only was I abused, controlled and manipulated but so were my children. It is my belief that we create lessons for ourselves that will help us be the best humans that we can be but also to help those that are in need of assistance themselves. At least for me, that has been my path.

I recognized that if I was ever to help anyone in this life I knew that I would have to experience pain, abuse, control, and anguish. In order to help others rise up, I need to be able to empathize with what others are going through so that I can get to their level, meet them where they are at and guide them towards the light within themselves.

I also recognize that because of my many years of experiencing abuse I have created this barrier or this wall around me. I recognize that I have done this in order to create an emotional shield of guarding myself against not getting emotionally sucked in when others tell me their life stories. If I did not have that warrior shield around me I do not feel that I could help people as much as I know I do and can. I feel I would become too emotional and I would probably not be able to handle the emotional traumas.

So yes, I do feel that my Fated Life is one that I was meant to live and to be honest I would not change anything about it for my past life has given me the tools to help others in this life. If I did not possess those tools how could I possibly help others in the capacity that I do? I just would not be able to because I really would not understand.

The Divine Destiny Life

For the past seven years, I have been feeling nudges, hearing whispers, being presented with little situations that show me fragments of my Destiny Life. Over the past two years especially, those nudges and whispers have grown very very strong and I can no longer ignore them. My soul is pushing me towards The Divine Destiny Life. Because of my Fated life, I am now every prepared for my Divine Destiny Life. I recognize now that my soul has been preparing me for this Divine Destiny Life my entire life.

If you are in tune with your soul then you will hear the whispers, the nudges, the constant serendipity within your life. It will confuse you and maybe you have learned to ignore the call to action because of this confusion. You hear the calls but think in your head I could never quit my job to venture into what really inspires me for there is a fear that surrounds that change. You question how that would even work. To go from a job that is guaranteed income to a job that has so many “what if’s”? This Divine Destiny path is the path less traveled, the path that does not truly make sense to you, the path that when you mention it to others they look at you strangely. It’s the path that will make little sense even to yourself.

You are being presented with many visions, ideas, situations, and excitement that surrounds your Divine Destiny Life every day. You think in your head, that would be so nice to have a job where I get to do what I love to do and also make money at doing it! Well, you can but it takes courage, it takes faith, it takes a will to persevere no matter what your ego tells you, no matter what others say, no matter what confusion comes into play.

In order to walk down the path of your Divine Destiny Life, you have to release the path of your Fated Life. The life that you have come accustomed to and are possibly comfortable in.

Change is hard. Fear steps in, Ego steps in, Negative Energy steps in to try to stop you from creating your life of true passion. But just know that when you are doing what you love and when you are doing what truly lights you up Source creates even more paths for you towards even more of what you love.

What comes the easiest to you and the things that you love to do are usually on the same path as your divine mission and destiny.

Starchild Tarot by Danielle Noel

You each have a friend or know a person that works within a job that they hate. That friend also speaks of their wishes and dreams of working with, for example, the elderly, working with horses all day long, or quitting their real estate job to be a full-time healer, or to do woodworking instead of teaching. The list goes on. And I’m sure that you also encourage your friends or family members and say “Yes!! Go for it! You would be incredible at that”!  or “I can definitely see you doing that”! But when it comes to yourself you too have dreams and wishes that runs along the path of the road less traveled but you think to yourself “I could never do that, what am I even thinking”. And this is out of Fear. Because really, who quits a guaranteed income to go down an uncertain path?

Your soul does. Because it knows the future. Your soul sees your destiny. It sees what you are capable of. It knows what lives within your heart and it believes in you! And that is where the whispers come from, the nudges, the serendipity, the dreams. It comes from your soul.

Your soul is saying “Have faith”.

This is where you must do the flip and instead of working from your mind and from your ego, you will allow Source to work THROUGH you.

When you give up on the idea of walking the path of the Fated Life and instead decide to live your Divine Destiny Life you are deciding to choose your Soul. You are saying YES to you, to your destiny, to completing your mission here on Earth. The mission that you were called here to complete.

The Divine Destiny Activity

Which life are you living at the moment? Are you living The Fated Life? Or are you living The Divine Destiny Life?

I encourage you to take out a piece of paper and write down what you truly love to do every day. What lights you up? What creates a passion within you that you cannot stop thinking about? What is it that you love to do everyday that you have often thought “I really wish that this was my everyday job”.

Then I want you to write down one small thing that you could start today that would put you on the path of your Divine Destiny Life. Start small, do this small thing every day and eventually add on to that small thing. As your comfort in that grows, so with your confidence to add more to your new way of living. Then the “leaving the job you hate” though will not seem so big.

I believe in you.

Crystals for Assistance

Crystals to help you to transition from The Fated life to The Divine Destiny life are: Moonstone, Malachite, Chrysocolla, Labradorite, Clear Quartz