Martyn Williams: Tarot Photographer and Reviewer

Please Meet Martyn Williams: Tarot Photographer and Reviewer

I meet Martyn on Instagram in early 2021, and we instantly connected. He reached out about my Ascension Tarot deck, I asked him to review it and the rest is history. We have since done many LIVES together and have shared many MANY laughs. He is the first friendship that I created through a social media platform and it will forever change the way I see friendships.

Martyn is an INCREDIBLE photographer and Tarot Reader with over 20 years of experience. If you are looking for someone to take photographs for your Website, Kickstarter project, Instagram, Facebook, Book Deals, Indie Books, and more please contact Martyn. Head over to his Instagram page, you will not be disappointed. Absolutely stunning photography. He has been a major inspiration for how I now take my own photos on my own platform.

If you are looking for a Tarot or Oracle deck review please contact Martyn directly to apply. He takes his reviews very seriously and does not commit to all decks. He is a Scorpio who is honest and says exactly what he thinks. If you are looking for an honest review and are able to handle all forms of criticism, contact Martyn, he is in my opinion one of the best reviewers out there. (Plus, I LOVE listening to his voice! haha! Love that English accent)


Please contact Martyn directly through email or through Instagram for a quote for photography and deck reviews. I highly recommend his services. He is a beautiful entity inside and out. xox

Martyn’s Contact info:

Instagram: martyn_in_the_city

YouTube: tarot_in_the_city

Text: England: +447307047820