My path with Unity Field Healing

I moved home from Australia in 2002 after my mom found out that she was diagnosed with cancer.
This was my mom’s turn around into her own spiritual awakening. Her way of getting through this stepping stone in her life was through the doors of “seeing things in a different way”.
I was grateful enough for her to include me in this journey of transformation, learning, and “seeing things in a different way.”
We took many spiritual classes together that allowed me to see my own path forward.
As my own journey unfolded I was drawn to many aspects of energy healing first getting certified with my Reiki Masters, Equine Reiki, and then in 2018, I was introduced to Unity Feild Healing by my friend Marina.
This was a game-changer in my Ascension Process.
It allowed me to awaken within me, the path that I was meant to lead and unleashed who I truly am within. So many things that I had learned from lives prior rushed forward, I soon realized that I was not learning but rather remembering.
You have so much information within you that you do not even realize you have complete access to.
Unity Feild Healing is a Quantum healing process that awakens your dormant DNA allowing you to be more of who you truly are at a soul level.
A beautiful energetic process of transformation 🤍🙏🤍
Distance healing sessions available 🧬💗