New Tarot Deck 2020

New Tarot Deck 2020

Creative new project!

Throughout the last couple of years, I have grown in awareness of who I am and why I am here. I admit my life has been quite messy. My favorite joke to one of my dear friends Robyn is “Remeber that year that I was a Real Estate Agent”? haha!! I laugh every time because even though I know that is an incredible job to have… it really was not for me. There have been many different eras in my life but for those of you that know me personally, my family and my children have always been my number one priority. They have always come first before anything else even before myself. So now, as I awaken I realize that there is also another reason why I am here and it is to create joy through creative expression.

I truly am the Hermit so I knew that I wanted a “job” that would also allow me to keep my solitude but also be able to express myself in a way that only my inner child knew how. Over the last year, I contemplated creating a new Tarot deck of my own. Because of my fear to do this and even to do it alone, I asked a few people in my life to help me; to create the deck while I wrote the meanings and guidebook. I realized quite quickly that this is NOT what my guides intended when they nudged the idea on to me to create.

This was a creative project that I was to create on my own.

I was VERY confused on how to do it. I had not drawn since being a kid. I have painted here and there. Neither of these was an option because as my mom would say “It is nothing to write home about!” haha!

I did know that I loved photography. I loved taking photos and I loved looking at them. I loved manipulating them and I loved the end result. I started looking through all my old photos on my computer and realized that I had the ability to create this deck myself.

In the last two months, I have pushed the fear aside and have dove right in.

It feels so right.

I will be sharing my journey of this soul adventure with you. I welcome feedback …negative and positive. I truly appreciate it all.

My inner child is awake and ready to create!

In Love and Light ???


New Tarot Deck 2020! Please Click here for more images! ?