Not Everyone Is Going To Like You

I know that you may care what others think to some extent, and that is ok as long as it is not affecting the way that you are living your life right now.
A little secret?
Not everyone is going to like you.
Not everyone is going to respect the decisions that you make.
Not everyone is going to understand why you make certain decisions.
Not everyone is going to align with your frequency.
That’s just normal stuff.
You have to be ok with that.
I mean you can’t possibly like everyone, so it’s the same thing really. Not everyone is going to like you.
If this upsets you. Here is another secret.
Some people do come around.
As people change, evolve, grow, and have their a-ha moments their frequency changes too.
along your journey throughout life, you will meet people where they are at.
You continuously meet people on the path of life and you either mesh and mold or you don’t.
People are like magnets.
Be grateful for the lessons you learn with each person.
Let this understanding of people help move you forward.
Don’t let others hold you back just because you care what they think. They too are thinking the same thing you are.
Everyone is just trying to move forward the best that they can, with the knowledge that they possess.