🔥 November 11-17, 2019 Weekly Tarot Reading 🔥

This week’s reading is all about you! What you are willing to do to move forward into your best self. 💗🙏💗

The Light Seer’s Tarot Deck

🔮As you trudge forward making hard decisions, new ideas, new visions arrive. Your guides are helping you to take the best path to help you open your third eye, create more clarity and for you to see, hear and feel for the right answers. There is a burning desire to know and feel more, but what are you willing to do or sacrifice to gain access to this cosmic key?

🔮At the moment you feel as though life is at a standstill, questioning if this is all life has to offer? You yearn for more knowledge, more all-knowing. Taking control out of the equation and seeing things from a different view is what is being asked of you. There is something that you are not seeing because you continue to keep looking at it from the view that you are comfortable with, the view that makes you feel less threatened. The easier view. Get out of your own way, and look at life from a different perspective. In order to gain access to alternative dimensions, you must be willing to sacrifice your comfort zone.

Odin ( the Norse all-father god) in order to gain access to the wisdom of the ages he surrendered one of his eyes at a mystical spring. His psychic instincts and third eye were opened, giving him access to the Runic alphabet, signs symbols and omens.

🔮Look for signs and symbols within your own life to show you where to look and were to let go of certain control in order to gain a higher state of intuition and spiritual abilities.

🔮So how do you gain more and more access to the greater realms of existence? You work at it!! Nothing of greatness comes easy. Day in and day out, month after month, year after year, moon cycle after moon cycle you practice and master your craft. Opening your third eye for most is a task, a test of what you are willing to do to gain access to this keyed knowledge. Life will test you and test you, it’s up to you if you will keep pushing forward.

🔮As you prosper into the unknown you will be tested on your honesty and truth-telling. Are you living your most honest life? Are you really doing all you can do to move forward? What excuses are you giving yourself ( or others) for not fulfilling your own prophecy? Take your own emotions out of it, look at the black and white. Cut the crap, state your truth. What are your guides telling you to do in order to move forward into your greatest self??? Are they telling you to eat cleaner? Exercise? Meditate? Walk? Join a class? Delete that friend or family member? In order to move forward, you have to start listening!! Your higher self knows you better than your physical self knows you! Listen to the guidance being provided to you, get truthful with yourself.

Follow the lead of the Queen of Swords, she doesn’t have time for fluff and mistruths. She gets straight to the point.

In Love and Light 💗🙏💗

Tarot Deck Credit: The Light Seers Tarot by Chris-Anne 🔥

Odin Card from the Keepers of the Light Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray 🔥