November 25-December 2, 2019 Weekly Tarot Reading

Reading of the Week November 25-December 2, 2019 🔮

Tarot Deck Credit: The Light Seers Tarot by Chris-Anne 🔥

This week, as you move towards many endings within cycles you will have mixed emotions. One moment you may feel strong and resilient, the next you may feel totally aligned and then all of a sudden you are feeling anxious waking in the middle of the night with so many negative thoughts.

The message for you is that when an ending occurs or is coming up in your life these thoughts are a NORMAL and NATURAL process.

November 26 marks the moment that the new moon occurs. As Luna goes into hiding you may feel (or may already be feeling) lost. Confused. Scattered. Unbalanced. When the sky is completely black with no anchor to guide you, these feelings are a natural response. This week is not the time to start something completely new, it is the time to finish up all that you have started already. Just like the New Moon, The 3 nines represent endings. Go easy on yourself this week.

When you second guess yourself you are second-guessing your innate nature and the messages that your guides are providing for you. Stand tall this week in your convictions on what you know to be true. You have come way too far to back down and be beaten down. Whether you are coming towards a nine-week, nine-month or nine-year cycle ending, the determination is the same. Why would you work so HARD just to give it all up in the end? Keep pushing, keep focused, keep looking straight ahead, keep that goal in your immediate focal point. Do not let the thoughts or feelings of others sway you. Walk alone if you have to but stay ALIGNED!!

You are stepping into all of your hopes and dreams. You are stepping into all that you have manifested. Have you taken the time to embrace this energy yet? Or are you feeling like you must keep this quiet? Do you feel that if you share this excitement with others they will either not understand OR will not share in the excitement with you? You are meant to shine! What others think is none of your business and what others don’t understand is for THEM to learn. Don’t dim your light just so others will feel comfortable. You deserve every beautiful ray of light that comes your way. If you have worked your ass off to create a life of abundance with a grateful heart then share that with the world!!!! Your light will light the way for others to do the same 🙏

The thought of sharing your light with others is a struggle. You have worked so hard to set aside your thoughts, past subconscious programming but it is coming back to haunt you. To test you. Again, you have come so far. What from your past can you let go of? What shackles can you unlock? What is keeping you from fully stepping into your true potential?? You are the energy that you keep. You are the energy that you surround yourself with. What ( or WHO) is keeping you buried?? The moment that you realize that you have TOTAL control over every thought you have is the moment that you can keep moving forward. Do not let the thoughts of the unknown stop you from moving forward. Endings are inevitable and are coming, whether you are ready or not. Embrace it.

Find a balance between your emotions. This week they will go from one extreme to the other. Many highs and many lows, a human yo-yo of feelings to work through. Be aware of the feelings that bring you into the realm of childish behavior. Tantrums, crying, emotional displays of unbalance. Be aware. Know that “this too shall pass”.

What can you do for YOU this week to push forward into greater alignment?

This week is a week for self-reflection. Stand tall, stay strong. Celebrate your accomplishments and share your light with others. Know that your thoughts are just thoughts and only YOU can discharge them. Your emotions are your responsibility and not the responsibility of others. Be kind to yourself. ♥️

In Love and Light ♥️🙏♥️

Tarot Deck Credit: The Light Seers Tarot by Chris-Anne 🔥