🔮November 4-November 10, 2019 Weekly Tarot Reading

Reading of the Week

The Page of Wands is asking you to return to a more relaxed, more childlike frame of mind. One where stress takes a mature back seat so that the child in you can sit in ease and a more relaxed state of mind. Think about how you were before adulthood took hold. I know this is easier said than done and you are not being asked to let go of the reigns, no. You are being asked to just relax. You are being too uptight. When you reconnect with your inner child a lighter way of living emerges, creativity takes hold and lights your way. An enthusiasm that you didn’t even know was missing comes to the forefront and drives your spirit towards enlightenment. What can you do -or not do today to bring more childlike joy into your soul?

The Three of Cups brings about a similar message, and one of celebrating your success and the joy that you already have in your life by sharing that joy with others. When you share in laughter with your favourite peeps you are ignited with a newfound passion. You feel whole, you feel loved and revved up! When was the last time you spent time with your friends and laughed hysterically? When was the last time you let go of the reigns and spent some time away from your family doing girl or guy time? Life isn’t just about family, it’s also about YOU! Who can you call or make a date with today to recreate joy in your heart centre?

The King of Pentacles in this reading looks upon both of these avenues as his way forward. In order to live life to the fullest and to become your greatest self, you need to bring into your life a childlike enthusiasm and draw positive energy and enlightenment from the people who spark joy in your life. Drawing the energy from both these avenues will fulfil you in ways that you are not acknowledging at this moment. If you are feeling stuck and drawn into your self then by taking a step back you can see the full picture. What are you missing? You know the answer already. All work and no play brings about resentment and depletion. The King of Pentacles isn’t just about financial gain, it’s about the way in which you get to that point. 🙏

Integrate your inner child and the positive energy of those that you love and you have the perfect recipe for a beautiful life that is awaiting you.

In Love and Light 🙏💛🙏

Tarot Card Credit: The Moonchild Tarot by Danielle Noel 🔥