Numerology Number Four

?Numerology Energy of number 22 or the 4.

22 is the master number or the Master builder of numbers. High spiritual energy. People born on the 22 have chosen a higher calling and harder life in getting there. 22 is nicknamed the Budda number.

4 represents work, discipline, and honesty which arrives in the form of 22 through great cooperation, peace, tranquility, and your intuition. With the energy of the 22, you are able to ground into a very high divine knowing downloading it into your physical reality, enabling you to work, manifest and build a business or project from the ground up with very lasting results. The 22 is a number of calm, peace and positive energy. It represents the spiritual aspect of the number 4 that represents work.

The energy of 22 will give you the tools to work harder with the soothing energy of the spiritual aspects of the universe. It will give you the focus and determination that you need so that you do not veer off into “squirrel mode”.

If you are not feeling the energy of the 22 and are not able to reflect on that part of the equation, then the energy of 4 is what you may feel.

Set goals that align with your true values, honoring the truth and honesty within you and with those around you. Paying attention to details, hard work, focus, WORK, structure, family, and home are all aspects of this energy.

Think of the table, four legs: structure, balance, and stability. That is the energy it represents.

Guard against working TOO hard, make sure to take some time for you, take a break or on the extreme end of things, not working at all.

Utilize the energy of hard work today, you will find that you will get a lot done!

In love and light ???

Numerology Number Four








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