Numerology Number One

Number one marks a day/month/year/minute/hour of new beginnings, new goals, putting things into action and changes.

You are beginning a new 9 cycle. Feelings of a new beginning in some part of your life are happening for you. What fresh new ideas do you have lingering that now need to be put into action? The number one is the best time to implement these ideas.

One represents individualism and being unique. Standing alone and standing out!

Do you feel the need or want to be alone or go about your day alone? Take time for yourself to gather insight in order to be able to move forward into the depth of who you are. When you are able to go into yourself this is where the real magic happens and great insights emerge.

Original ideas are able to be seeded and brought to the forefront. It’s ok to think about yourself today, the energy of the number One supports this!

New opportunities may be presented to you today, pay attention to these!

Be open to all possibilities!

What new beginnings can you help to emergy today with new light and with new eyes? Think ideas, family, relationships, friendships, occupation, spirituality.

Awakenings are creating a shift for you that is unstoppable! Resist the energy that pulls you back with negative undertones. Plan your future!

Enjoy the energy of new beginnings with the Number One!

In love and light ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’—

Numerology Number One








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