Numerology Number Three

🔮Numerology 3

This energy matches the Universal year 3 for 2019 and if it’s your birthday today feeling the 3 will give you all kinds of happy feelings, for 21/3 is part of your star chart and reflects who you are.

Happy day/Happy Year!!!

The 3 represents creativity, creating joy, self-expression, pleasure, and connections. What makes you happy? Take a moment and really reflect on that and think about the last time that you did what made you happy! Do more of that today. Relax, slow down, breathe and ENJOY.

The portal to the artist and creative pursuits is very open today and you will feel many nudges through many sources getting you to open up to those nudges.

Do not be afraid to open up today, be vulnerable, be sensitive, be you.

Whatever your imagination presents to you, go with it!! No matter how crazy it appears to you. Your guides are providing these images to you for a reason! There are no limitations to what you can do with these ideas, shape them, form them to what you desire. As these visions are introduced to you write them down, draw them, paint them, dance and sing them!

JOY is the feeling and word of the day today!!

Today is a day/year for connecting to everything around you including your emotions, being with friends and family, artistic talents, and connecting globally to the world around you both energetically and physically.

Again there are NO limitations for you today!

What completely and utterly makes you feel emotionally overwhelmed in the most positive way? Whatever ever that is, do THAT!! The energy of today supports this feeling.

Enjoy the energy of creativity in all aspects of your day/year today.

Happy Summer Solstice!

In love and light 💗🙏💗

Numerology Number Three








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