Numerology Number Two

As you move from yesterdays energy of the One: Manifestation, today you move into the energy of 2: Intuition and Balance.

Listen to your intuition and inner guidance.

Today you may be more sensitive to the energy of others and everything else around you!

Guard against feeling insecure around making decisions and being impatient.

Surround yourself with others that help to create balance within your sacred space. If the people that you are surrounding yourself with create a negative energy field, learn to separate yourself from it. 

Two is also about working with others, how can you create balance around working in a partnership, friendship or relationship? 

Your patience will be tested but breathe, ground yourself and see the bigger picture. 

FEEL through the day with compassion and heart. 

Trust that everything is as it should be and that everything that you desire will come in due time. 

Slow down and seek patience by giving the gift of listening. Embrace the inner knowing that you truly are intuitive and that there is a psychic in every one of you. 

In love and light 💗🙏💗

Numerology Number Two








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