🔮 October 28, 2019-November 3, 2019 Weekly Tarot Reading 💛

The Light Seer’s Tarot

Reading of the Week 🔮

Strength comes in all different shapes and sizes, but in order to utilize your inner strength to help others then you must tame the lion within and create a more subtle way of persuasion. There is very peaceful energy that is attached to the strength card, one that creates calming energy for others to seek refuge within. Have patience, bring forth your light and shine in a way that others can find you. Your peaceful army awaits you but first, you must continue to work on taming the lion within but also your insecurities. What can you start to work on today to bring forth more peace? 💛

If you can tame the lion and open yourself up to your true light, only then will you be rewarded with life’s fortunes of wealth. Those who tread through their inner fears are rewarded by the universe with more gifts. What is stopping you from receiving financial wealth? What within yourself needs to say farewell in order to bring forth abundance? You have everything you need to prosper 💛

You are an intuitive individual and this is a gift that you were given before heading to Earth. The only thing standing in your way of “listening” to your guided intuitive knowledge is your emotions. Your emotions are clouding your judgment of yourself and your true abilities. Allow yourself to TRUST the knowledge that you are receiving. The more that you trust the words you feel, see or hear then the more confident you will become in your own skin suit. 💛

You have come way too far to back down now, you have gone through the tests of emotional indifference. Your heart chakra has been pried open and you were forced to heal. The healing brought you to a new way of thinking and being and no one, not anyone or anything is going to stand in your way of receiving the blessings that you are to receive. 💛

In Love and Light 💗🙏💗

Tarot Deck Credit: The Light Seers Tarot by Chris-Anne 🔥