Odin’s Playbook: A Norse Tarot Tale Review

Odin’s Playbook was created in 2021 and was a part of a successful Kickstarter campaign. I am so blessed and grateful to all who helped to get this project funded and more.

It has been wonderful to see all the videos and posts created around the deck. It fills my heart to see all enjoying the deck.

This deck was a lot of fun to create for you all.

I laugh to myself though for when I started the deck this is NOT how I imagined the deck completed. I told myself that I was going to make a bloody and gory Viking deck. (insert palm face plant haha!)

As you can see, this is NOT what Odin intended for me to create. I am more than happy with the end result and I hope that it sparks some happiness within you too.

About The Deck

This Tarot deck was created for readers of all levels.

Odin’s Playbook is a 80 card Tarot deck created to assist you in the energetic magic and connection of the Norsemen and to Odin himself.

It is a very earthy tarot deck, helping you to unlock that time period within you. I was inspired to create the deck after learning more about my ancestors and direct heritage.  As a Norman (meaning North-man) derived from England, many generations of northern blood run through me. This presence helped me to feel into the energy of the creation of the cards along with connecting to Odin on a daily basis to create this deck for you.

The deck took me a year to create and it was a very fast paced creation. In the end I had to take 4-5 months off because I was drained. Well worth it but wow! What a process.

The deck includes:

22 Major Arcana Cards, 40 Minor Arcana cards, and 16 Court Cards and follow the RWS format.

A couple of the majors have been renamed to suit the energy of the deck:

  •  The High Priestess is now the Seeress
  •  The Empress is now the Mother
  •  The Emperor is now the Father
  •  The Hierophant is now the Elder
  •  The Wheel of Fortune is now the Web of Wyrd

The Suits have been renamed to suit the energy of the deck:

  • The Wands have been changed to Staves
  • The Pentacles have been changed to Rings
  • The Swords have been changed to Axes
  • The Cups have been changed to Horns

The Court Cards have been changed to suit the energy of the deck as well based on Viking hierarchy and Society:

  • The Pages are now Poets
  • The Knights are now Shield-Maidens 
  • The Queens are now Chieftains (you will see both men and women in this role)
  • The Kings are now Rulers (you will see both men and women in this role)

The Tarot Cards

The Axes were my FAVOURITE suit to create in the deck. 🙂

The deck also includes:

The successful campaign allowed me to create 2 additional cards to the deck: An Odin: The Allfather card & an Elder Futhark Runes cheat sheet card for easy access to the rune meanings within the cards.

Each Tarot Card is traditional tarot size – 2.75″ x 4.75″
The cards come in a full-color top and bottom lid box made from 1200 GSM cardboard + 157 GSM art paper. The surface finish is soft matte lamination on the inside as well as the outside.
The cards are printed on 350 GSM card stock, with Matte UV coating with matte deep blue edges. (Pantone color 2210 for the edging)

Below is the back of the tarot cards, allowing you to do reversals.  As well attached is the Pantone color of the matte edging I chose for the sides of the cards. Odin connects with the color Blue, so I thought this would be perfect for the cards to bring out even more of his energy.

Along with the tarot deck, you will also receive a 96-page (15,200 words) guidebook created in perfect bound. The outside cover is done in satin matte lamination and the cover will be done in color. The inside is black and white. The guidebook includes upright and reversal meanings, Rune meanings, and other little tidbits to help you with the deck.

Each Majors card has the universal Rune that embodies the energy of that card, along with the name and number of the card.

Within the minors and the court cards, you will find runes sprinkled throughout them based on intuitive placement, adding to the overall message of the card.

Each suit represents a story about a certain individual and their journey throughout it, in the end, they become the Ruler of their story. (a much older version of themselves) The Fire and Air sign is the masculine stories and the water and earth sign is the female story.

A Fun Little Add-On: Throughout the deck, within some of the cards, you will find The Fool in the background walking throughout his journey, see if you can spot him.

I finally made a video for Odin’s Playbook!! haha!! And it is my first video for YouTube!

You can watch the video HERE

You can buy Odin’s Playbook HERE

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