Odin’s Playbook

Odin’s Playbook Tarot Deck

Now that the Ascension Tarot deck is complete and sales are underway,  I have been working on a new deck.

It is much different than Ascension Tarot.

You will not find as many pinks and purples and blues. But more primary colors and this one will be hand-drawn using Procreate.

Again just like creating Ascension Tarot, I have had some big learning curves but I am loving this creative process as well as getting back to my childhood roots. My inner child is wanting to come out and play. Plus it is super FUN!!! 🙂

On Instagram I have called the deck “Odin’s Playbook: A Norse Tarot Tale” and you can find images from this deck on my business Instagram page: @astralmermaid.art I will be updating the website throughout this process just like when I completed Ascension Tarot, so please feel free to comment on each card. What you like, what you don’t like and any suggestions are most welcoming to me. I appreciate all your feedback during this process.

This deck is being made for you 🙂

As a Norman, this past couple of years I have been researching my roots wanting to learn more about my ancestors. It gives me great confidence and motivation when I learn each new thing and this will come out in this deck. connecting to your ancestors can bring great insight into your life in the present. I wanted this deck to be filled with that knowledge insight and magic. I will also be including the magick of the Runes within the deck cards.

Some of the card names will most likely change, as with the cards themselves. Nothing is set in stone. I will go with the flow on this one.

This new Tarot deck will be coming out in 2021. (that is the plan anyway, unexpected changes may occur)  I will place it on Kickstarter first to see how it goes. Again I will update my Instagram page as well as this page to let you know.

The Major Arcan of the Deck is now finished, again as state above before going to print images and names may change.

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