Opalite Healing Properties

  • Opalite is perfect for meditation.
  • Irridesent man-made glass resin made up of dolomite and metal to re-create that opal appearance.
  • Also known as Tiffany stone.
  • Natural Opalite comes from opalized volcanic ash


  • Comes in pinks, blues, and green hues
  • Soft and subtle energy
  • Enhances communication in 4d and especially in the spiritual realm.
  • Removes blockages from your chakras and meridians.
  • Opalite helps during your life’s transitions. Opalite helps make the transitions much more smooth, thus giving you the confidence to keep going.
  • Helps to diminish fears and worries helping you to embrace what you are going through.
  • A very relaxing and calming stone.
  • Gives you strength to present what you know to be true in your lives and gives you the voice to do so.
  • Opalite stimulates your libido and gives you that sexual charge giving you a greater sexual experience.
  • Helps in any type of relationship, marriage, friendship, work relations, children. All relationships.
  • Increases the chances of you being honest and truthful thus creating stronger bonds in your relationships.
  • Opalite increases personal power adding to your confidence.

    Opalite and Clear Quartz Necklace

  • Helps to reveal deeper feelings stuck beneath the surface.
  • Stabilizes mood swings and elevates fatigue.
  • Helps to keep a healthy balance between your yin and yang energies. Your female and male energies. in your light and night side energies.
  • Helps you to develop more compassion for yourself and others.
  • Helps you to be more kind and gentle.
  • A soothing stone for your heart.
  • Opalite gives you clarity and greater focus. Add clear quartz to this stone and you will have greater manifestation abilities.
  • Enhances psychic work connecting you to the divine and to the source.
  • Opens communication with your higher self, your guides, and angels.
  • Will help you to figure out your path in this life. Your true path of why you came to earth. Helps you to find your mission.
  • Great for third eye and crown chakra work.