Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings

?A time of harmony and abundance.

Times are changing and where you once felt scared, alone and confused is now being replaced with harmony, spiritual generosity, and rewards. All the dedication that you have put in, all the work that you have done, all the prayers and affirmations that you have been working on…they are all coming back to you.

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You are now entering a time of great soulful abundance and support and because of this support, you, in turn, will be able to give that to others.

You have learned the hard lessons, you have traveled down the hard road and now you give of yourself freely and lovingly. The hard times taught you about never giving up, staying strong and perseverance. You were given these life lessons to help others on that same path. You trusted in the universe, you knew Source had a plan and the time to embrace the plan is now. Share all that you have learned with others.

The financial abundance that is now flowing your way, continue to learn and move forward. Don’t stop just because you have started to see a change in direction. You are still being tested; keep following the path but know that you are over the hump. You see the light. Harmony and peace are yours but there is still more to give and receive. The abundance that you are receiving is not just limited to money but also to support in all areas of your life.

Where are you struggling?

Open yourself up to receiving more of Spirits love and support. Let down the walls even further and allow Source to work through you. Whatever you are holding onto out of fear of lack let it go.

Trust and you shall receive.

Feel the glorious love and balance of the universe.

Stand strong so that others see the way forward.

Keywords: generosity, growth, perseverance

Reversed Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings

?Are you giving of yourself but expecting something in return? Is there an imbalance in the way that you

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are thinking and going about doing things? What is your motive? The mindset should always bee of giving love with no expectations in return.

On the other hand, are you giving but also being taken advantage of? Give of yourself but not to the point of becoming out of synch with harmony and balance. Respect yourself enough to say no when you see and feel that others are not being respectful of your time and generous heart.

?Keywords: Being taken advantage of, selfish motives, disharmony


?The six of Pentacles is number Six in the Tarot deck and number six in Numerology.

There is s strong responsibility in the number six, which involves taking care of, being of service and nurturing to others. What you learn, you lovingly want to share it in a compassionate and loving way. Because of the openness to love that you possess you attract others into your life that feel your positive energy and they too want a piece of that.

You are a loving magnet. But beware that you are not being taken advantage of as you have a hard time saying no.

You have a radar of feeling sorry for others and wanting to help everyone.

When you are in alignment with your true self, the right things, abundance, healing, and support all flow to you.

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?Crystals to work with: Kunzite, Jasper, Obsidian, Selenite

In Love and Light ???

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