The Chariot Tarot Card Meanings

I am The Chariot.

The Starchild Tarot

I am self-disciplined and hardworking. The struggles that I come across in life only make me stronger.

I am the driving force fueled by determination, willpower, and possibly coffee or candy.

I have a path, I have a goal, it is the only thing that I can see.  Nothing will stop me from attaining this goal and creating success. Whatever obstacles are in my way, well I will basically drive right over it.

I need to keep my aggression and ego in check. I can sometimes get too headstrong. My bad. Counseling has helped me to get a handle on this aggression. I instead channel this energy into a positive way of living my life.

I have learned that I cannot control others, I am only able to control myself.

I will always dominate and beat any competition.

Rider-Waite Tarot

My confidence is soaring for I am driven by a well sought out plan and purpose. My clarity is clean and clear like a just been cleaned window. This clarity keeps me persistent in accomplishing everything I sought out to achieve.

I am fully motivated by the visions that I have sewn into my very being, I am excited to get to where I want to go. My excitement cannot be contained and it is like a kid in a candy shop, I want every candy in the store and I will throw every temper tantrum to get that.

Victory is mine!

No one can overthrow my willpower. No one can change my outlook on what I want to achieve.

The Moonchild Tarot

I am full movement ahead, 200 km an hour down the straightaway highway.

My inner strength and self-determination reflect the speed at which I am traveling.

I stay grounded, level headed, and focused at all times. I need to look after myself spiritually, mentally, and physically at all times in order to be successful.

I am the energy that gets a new mother through the day on lack of sleep and possibly patience. This energy does not last long but when it does, it is in full force. Rest is not an option when there is housework to be done, a baby to be feed, meals to be cooked and blogging to be done! This adrenaline rush will allow you to get through the day and feel like you were able to get everything checked off your success list. The energy that allows you to get a huge goal finished in a short period of time. You can rest tonight.

Everyday Tarot Deck

Losing is not an option.

Second place is not an option.

Compromise is not an option.

No excuses!

Victory and success is mine!

I am The Chariot.

The Chariot from Ascension Tarot


(if you print this paper off, I can autograph it when we meet) Oh, my bad. I need to also keep my ego in check………

Crystals that help me while pursuing my goals are: Citrine, (for energy) Clear Quartz (for clarity) and Garnet (for my aggression) Hematite (to keep me grounded)

The Chariot represents number Seven in the Tarot Deck. For more information on Numerology Number Seven Click Here

🔥The Chariot.

It is only through mind, body, and soul alignment that Victory can be achieved. Balance, determination, and precision is needed to get the job done.

How focused are you?

Will you allow the unbalanced thoughts that run through you determine your destiny? Grounding is needed.

Balance is needed within your night side and your light side to win the glory that is your birthright.

Victory is yours 💛🙏💛

Buckle up, this could get rocky.

Balance and adjustments are needed to move ahead in a smooth way. You are being asked to balance your light side and night side.

Think of the scale of justice, if there is too much of something on one side then you will be out of alignment.

The way in which you are thinking needs adjusting.

This is a new phase for you and is also a major life lesson. In order to face this, you need the determination and

confidence to do so.

Rethink the way you are doing things so that you can change your course and move forward in a different way than

you are used to.

The Chariot. Balance and speed. Following the light path in front of you, you see nothing else but the success that is

yours. You are determined and strong. No one can sway you to think any differently. You have come way too far to

back down now. Stay focused and keep striving towards your intended goal.

Reversed: Your motivation, strength, and willpower come from within. You are experiencing blockages and are

allowing the thoughts and feelings of others to create walls around you. Get grounded, realign your light with your soul

mission, and move forward. You cannot control everything in your life, only the things that you have power over within

your own self. Let go of the need to control and trust that everything will be right for you.