The Hermit Tarot Card Meanings

I am The Hermit.

The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

I have reached mastery and I wish to share my gifts with you.

I have spent a lifetime gaining the knowledge that I possess. I understand the way of the world and why life is the way it is.

I shine my light bright for those that want to follow in my knowledge and in my wisdom. It is in this following that you will gather insight from my past mistakes and there you may take that knowledge for your own and be a better version of yourself.

As you may know, you must walk through the darkness to get to the light for that is where the mysteries of your heart and soul are revealed.

I stand within the mountains so that I may hear my thoughts and feel the energy from the source. It is in quiet reflection where I am able to face my deepest villains within my being and truly come to terms with who I am, who I want to be, and how I want to continue to live life on this earth. All the knowledge that I seek is within me. Throughout my journey, I have utilized what I needed to gain further knowledge and the rest I have dispensed of along the way. 

That what no longer serves me I have got rid of. 

Everyday Tarot Deck

I am found within solitude. I sit in silence, in prayer and I listen to my higher selves speak. I listen to my inner voice for new guidance. My best work, my greatest epiphanies are found in the quiet and in solitude. 

I will never try and convince you of my knowledge. I will shine the light bright for you and only then when you are ready to follow will I open my mind to you. You will feel my communication rather than hear it.

My advice to you: The scars of your past life are begging to be opened up for it is within your deepest wounds where you will find the answers to the issues you are facing right now. Dig deep. Get silent. Meditate. Visualize. Connect to Source.

Some call me a loner. But I run much deeper than that.

I am the soul searcher.

The Hermit from Ascension Tarot

I am The Hermit.

Wisdom comes from within and to bring about that knowledge you have deep within, you need to be centered, aligned, and have clarity.

You are being called to create time to experience and create this grounded clarity. This is your path towards spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Retreating from your everyday life will get you there.

For some, you will give up a lot, for some a little. What are you being called to do or look into to ascend higher into your growth?

Do not ignore this, this is a major life lesson for you right now.

The Hermit. Wisdom and strength come from daily habits of aligning with your soul gifts and passions. Your path of spiritual knowledge is well lit for others to follow. By taking time for yourself, you are able to

regenerate and dive deeper into what is meant for you. Letting go of what no longer serves you will bring you to greater heights of clarity.

Reversed: Are you wanting to move forward but are feeling confused and lost? When you connect to yourself at a soul level you are able to find the clarity that you seek and an even greater understanding of who you

are and where you are going. You have the ability to light your own path. You do not need anyone else to do that for you. Be aware of staying too long in the “hermit phase” Keep moving forward.

Crystals to help with Meditation and Spiritual Awakening: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Selenite, Blue Lace Agate.









The Hermit Represents Number Nine in the Tarot Deck. For more information on Numerology Number Nine Please Click Here