The Hierophant Tarot Card Meanings

The Hierophant #thehierophant 🔮

What better card to help move you forward into a new thought process than that of The Hierophant 🙏

The Teacher from Ascension Tarot

Throughout your life, there will be many paths and many teachers. All paths lead to new mentors just as all new mentors lead to new paths. Regardless of what came first, there is no doubt that there will be profound learning and great transformation.

Through every course, class, community program, teacher, mentor, guide, group, and the person the universe will find a way to get through to you -through them- and give you the answers that you are seeking. You have all had that “a-ha” moment where you were contemplating something or trying to figure out the best route to take and then you go to church, or go to your course or meet up with a friend or to an appointment, and you are given the answer through something you hear or thru something they say. This is the universe answering your question. Synchronicity at its best. 🙌🏻.

If this card resonates with you at this moment in time, you are ready to go through a major spiritual transformation. You are questioning beliefs, the earth’s realm, what is really going on past this multidimensional holographic world we think that we live in.

Sit tight, for when the student is ready to learn the teacher will appear. Look for clues gravitating closer to this new outlook on life as well as new guides to guide you towards a new way of thinking and living. 🔮

Whether the Teacher is of Earth or in other realms of existence, you are being called to work with a teacher, a mentor, a guide, an ancestor, or a guiding authority. Be open to a new way of being and seeing the world around you. Not only are you ready to see with new eyes, but also your soul is preparing to ascend to a new level of consciousness. Get ready to expand, learn, and ignite. When the student is ready to expand, the teacher will appear. What are you being drawn to learn?

Reversed: You are at a level of consciousness where you are your own teacher and guide. You are able to receive downloads and information straight from the source and you acknowledge the need to be on your own at this time. You know the right path to take and you trust the information that you are being given from your own inner being and higher self.

Starchild Tarot Deck by Danielle Noel








The Hierophant is Numer Five in the Tarot Deck. For more information on Numerology Number Five Click Here