The Lost Lands: A Magickal History of Lemuria, Atlantis & Avalon by Lucy Cavendish.

About the Author: Lucy Cavendish created Witchcraft magazine in 1992, the first magazine of its kind in the world. She is a feature writer for Spellcraft MagazineSpheres, and has appeared in anthologies like Disinformation’s Pop Goes The Witch! She appears regularly on mainstream and alternative television and radio, explaining the Craft and demonstrating magicks and the power of intuition. She is a founding member of the Goddess Association in Australia. Lucy Cavendish lives in Sydney, Australia, with her pixie-like daughter, and their menagerie of plants, animal companions, spirit beings, and beloved elementals.

The Lost Lands Front Cover

The Lost Lands back cover

Are you ready to take the most magickal journey of them all?

“Atlantis… Lemuria… Avalon…. Their names chime throughout legend… Many say these lands are the stuff of myth… let me now tell you that they existed, and exist still. Let me share with you their origins, their secrets, their mysteries, and their wisdom… They tell me they have been too-long hidden from you… and that the time to remember who you truly are is NOW.”

In this daring book, Lucy Cavendish invites you to shed your doubts and join her on a wondrous soul pilgrimage, traveling through time and space to the planet’s most mysterious and powerful lands, psychic societies and secret spiritual communities.

Share the fire dances and the water worship of the shapeshifting tribes of Lemuria, learn the secrets that lay deep beneath the crystal temples of sophisticated Atlantis, and feel the deep green peace as you speak the language of trees in the Priestess and Druid groves of Avalon. As you uncover the secrets of each Lost Land, you will remember your connection to its ancient magicks, lessons, and mysteries, awaken your life’s purpose, and discover past life lessons of great power and import.

Featuring stunning cartography and extensive interviews, The Lost Lands includes: In-depth quizzes on determining which Land you most resonate with; amazing new discoveries on the associations between dolphins, whales, mermaids, elementals and ascended masters; Lost Land sacred sites, ley lines and energy vortexes and stunning new insights into our own galactic origins. With its clear guidance and fascinating lessons on connecting with the unique energy and powerful beings of each realm, The Lost Lands is both an inspiring, otherworldly adventure and a magickal handbook for every evolutionary soul in these times of profound change.

CREDIT: The above information is taken directly from the back of the excerpt from this book. These are not my words but the words of Blue Angel Publishing company. In order to give you a direct look into what this book is about it is best to utilize the authors and publishing company’s direct words rather than my own.

Cavendish, Lucy. The Lost Lands: A Magickal History of Lemuria, Atlantis & Avalon. Glen Waverley, Victoria, Australia: Blue Angel Publishing, 2013.

My Opinion/Book Review.

I give this book 5 stars as it opened up my eyes to new possibilities and gave me a beginner look into these three worlds.

I personally resonated with Lemuria and Avalon the most. Atlantis, I got the feeling that I had lived there but my soul did not wish to remember at this time. almost in a fearful way, as if I was too scared to want to remember. I had many a-ha moments throughout this book allowing me to look within myself to new ways of thinking that were possibly already there. I just needed a little nudge.

This book is jam-packed with ways to retrieve knowledge within your soul to find out more in a deeper sense allowing you to feel like you are reliving the experience.

I became very emotional at certain parts of the book, as I was remembering I became very aware that I had indeed experienced what I was reading. I would have to put the book down and re-group.

I recommend this book to anyone that wants to learn more about living in Lemuria, Avalon or Atlantis. It is a great beginners guide to each place and it opens the door to looking and diving deeper into each realm through more in-depth books.